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Academic Degree and College Essay

Is college really worth it? A question many students start to ask as the college cost increases and jobs are tougher to get. When considering college you have to reflect more about what you want out of it rather than what you have to do to complete it. Although getting accepted into a good college is a great start, getting a college degree may appear intimidating in terms of the educational responsibility, tuition, fees, and time commitments involved. However, there are many other ways in which a college degree can be a useful investment; with enhancing the value of your life in several ways. In the future, the education received from college will be very helpful to people in several ways. College is becoming a major decision with adults in America today because people are questioning whether or not if college is actually worth it. People are not doing their research on how a college degree is more beneficial than if you did not earn one. Numerous studies have revealed that a college education can lead to long-term financial returns and increase a student’s success in the future. According to Deanna Mascle â€Å"Individuals with bachelor degrees earn about 60 percent more than those with just a high school diploma, who in turn earn about 40 percent more than high school dropouts†( 2012). Receiving a college degree and bringing what you learned to the real world will benefit you in your pursuit for financial success. If you do not have a mindset that you are going to put your full potential in college. Cooper, argues that there is no reason to waste your time and money. In our society now a college education is no longer a choice or privilege, but rather a necessity or requirement. We are basically raised and accustomed to believe that one needs a higher education in order to succeed in life. The major reason why people go to college is not because they want to, but because they essentially have to. In the article â€Å"College is still worth it†, Anthony Carnevale states, that businesses pay more money to workers with degrees than to those without because employers believe that postsecondary educated workers are more valuable (Carnevale 8). Even though society has began to change that it’s basically a necessity to have a college degree to get a good job its well worth the money in the end. There are a numerous amount of waiters/waitresses, bartenders, plumbers, and so on who have college degrees and are working in jobs that don’t require advanced degrees. A cashier, for example, earns $19,000 on average, but with a college degree, earns $29,000 on average. Similarly, plumbers without a degree earn $37,000 on average, but earn $52,000 with a college degree. Nearly all high school seniors are pressured by their guidance counselors and parents to go to college because it is â€Å"the right thing to do. † In Caroline Bird’s essay â€Å"College is a Waste of Time and Money†, she states that students go to college because â€Å"Their mothers wanted them to go. † (481) The undergraduate may have different dreams about what he or she desires to do in life, but because they believe that these â€Å"mentors† make out what is best for them, they almost certainly end up doing something that they do not want to do, resulting in being unhappy with their life. Bird makes some good points in her essay, but if children did not get pressured they would have no idea about college, and probably would not even think about going. Bird argues that college is a waste of money because youngsters do not know what they want. No one wants parents, teachers or counselors telling high school students to aim low and skip college. College is expensive we all have established that, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have to take out, or plan on taking out more than $50,000 to go to college, you should consider searching for other colleges that will be able to fit your budget. According to Cooper, he has finished college and has a great job. He goes on to talk about how if he never decided to go to college and pay the high tuition that goes along with it. The Public Policy Institute of California concurs and predicts that â€Å"41 percent of jobs in 2025 will require a college degree. † If these counselors and parents did not push these students into looking, and going to college, then the question is who would? Even when applying for a job that will not use your exact degree, just having that degree gives you an advantage over the other applicants who do not possess a degree. The majority of the employers of the company are looking for students with a college degree since employers are looking for students who have the skill to learn new things which is essential in order to work in the corporate world. The degree reassures the employers that a student with a degree can be engaged since completing a degree, that means that he/she can handle the work environment, and also has the skill to settle in to constant change. A degree is said to be more significant than the degree type as such, so as long has one has the ability to learn, then they will have a more prone  chance of getting employed. The majority of college students would feel that college is a waste of money because they do not learn what they want to. Instead they have to take classes that have nothing to do with what they are majoring in, and are only taking these classes to complete the educational requirement to start their actual major. With the increasing costs of college tuition, as well as essentials such as books a college education becomes a burden somewhat more than an investment. Tuition costs continue to rise, and for a lot of struggling Americans, getting an education now means years and years of monthly debt payments. Alexander Thomas Public, two-year college tuition has gone up 7. 3 percent since last year and will no doubt continue to rise (2012). Thomas says â€Å"there are definitely ways to reduce the cost of college, and educating yourself on the federal student loan process in general is extremely useful in the long run†(2012). Although college is expensive, if it is approached the right way, students can get the education they need and desire without getting buried in tons of debt. Americans just need to be smart and do their research when it comes to paying for college. The main reason for attending college is to get a well-paying career, while being happy with that career choice. College prepares you with educational understanding in order to accomplish something in the future. According to Dale Coye the â€Å"New American College†, higher education is necessary for you future. He states that â€Å"In spatial terms, teaching and learning may begin in a classroom, but course work also spills over into the life of the campus and the community. Students engage in experiential learning and co-curricular activities that take abstract ideas and anchor them in real-life problems† (Coye 20). Time and commitment are very important in succeeding with getting a college degree. According to Cooper, if you are planning to have children you should wait until you finish college, as it is a big commitment and time consuming even without children. Parenting students tend to complete four-year degrees at rates far slower than other college students. â€Å"More than half (59 percent) of parents attending college earn less than $10,000 a year† (Sorensen 30). Parents cannot afford to support their children without getting some sort of education. Copper, explains that he probably would not have finished school if he decided to have kids before he graduated. The opposition to get a decent job is increasing; it is near to impossible to achieve a high paying job without at least a bachelor’s degree. Numerous amounts of jobs that only used to want their employees to have a high school diploma now need some type of college education. College is worth the money, nevertheless, is because it is one of the rare associations that frequently holds people of different cultural and racial backgrounds. This allows one to advance their social and communicative skills because they are exposed to unaccustomed cultures. College helps you to become a responsible adult because for the first time most people are nearly on their own. College helps students get ready for major linked skills. Thus, college helps in achieving skills linked to the business one looks to get into. It helps a student in figuring out how to do their job. It is entirely different from high school; you have to manage your private time and financial state as well. Proceeding with college teaches individuals how to handle their lives. Most college students are managing their college life between studying for their exams and earning money through low paying jobs to maintain their college tuition. In addition to this, they are enjoying the benefits of a good social life, parties and lots of friends. The experience one has in college really helps teenagers turn into adults. Going away to college you have to face situations like having to pay bills, time has to be managed well, and cutoff dates have to be met, just like the â€Å"real world. † College is just not about obtaining a good job, but about gaining knowledge. Sometimes it is good to be an intelligent person instead of being someone who just makes a lot of money. There are quite a few reasons why college is worth it in the end, the tuition and college costs are expensive in the beginning, but it pays off once you are earning the money in the future. Researching colleges and finding out the best option for you will only benefit yourself in the end, making wise choices and deciding if starting a family with your finances without a college education will be worth it in the long run, and doing research for yourself to see what will better benefit you and your family by getting some sort of college education. An education gives people an understanding of what they can do for themselves and how they can make needed changes in their lives. Simply just giving away money would not teach the skills or values that come with receiving an education. This is the value of education: that it makes lasting changes in the lives of those who seek it. 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Jack Kerouac’s on the Road †a Biography Essay

On the Road was published in 1957 by Viking Press. Apart from criticism by traditional conservatives, Jack Kerouac’s novel gained huge popularity with a younger generation of rebels (point to Sam’s pencilcase). Commonly viewed as an autobiography combined with a biography of Neal Cassady, it is considered a testament to the Beat legend. Fascinated by the myth of the King of the Beatniks, I examined the authenticity of On the Road and found several issues: the method in which it was written, spontaneous prose; lack of primary sources; and the author’s intention. Jean Louis Lebris de Kerouac was born on the 12 March 1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts. He gained a football scholarship to Columbia University in New York, where he met Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs, who together form the three literary musketeers of the Beat Generation. The Beat Gen were a stalwart literary movement active during the 50s, whose iconoclastic texts dissented formalist constriction of expression, experimentation and individualism, and viewed post-war prosperity, and materialism as antithetical to social equality. Their works pushed the boundaries of censorship, including underground elements sinister to the establishment such as homosexuality, drugs, bop jazz, impulsive desire, preference for marginalised cultures, like Buddhist and Native American, and unconformity to the typically American dream of white picket fence within which your three cherub children can safely frolic. The traditional conservatives called it unrefined and anti-intellectual, and politicians labelled aspects of the Beat Gen psyche as Communist. The popularity and resonance Beat Gen lit had with the youth rebellion generation made it a prominently influential movement in American literature. The Beat Gen members, being life long friends, shared these views and were inspired by figures of the counterculture, in the case of On the Road, Neal Cassady, who was the Beat beliefs personified, â€Å"the holy con-man with the shining mind† (p11). On the Road is about Sal Paradise, an amateur writer struggling with inspiration when he is introduced to Dean Moriarty, a walking legend, the epitome of a Beat man. The novel marks distinct stages of Sal’s growth and development, and his relationship with Dean as he â€Å"shambled after as I’ve been doing†¦ † Narrated by Sal, he meets and travels with other characters, bumming and hitchhiking across America. Kerouac developed spontaneous prose, inspired by improvisation in jazz and passionate excitement, its highly confessional, immediate, producing a raw, liberal and intense stream of consciousness, establishing spiritual and personal connections with the narrator. This convinces the reader of a high degree of honesty and vulnerability, and authenticity. Also, there’s an infamous story that adds to the legend of Kerouac and On the Road: the manuscript was typed in 2 weeks fuelled by coffee and Benzedrine, on a seriously lengthy scroll, of teletype paper taped together so that changing the roll wouldn’t disrupt his writing. Tim Hunt wrote in Kerouac’s Crooked Road that Kerouac â€Å"hoped that drafting†¦ Although it’s important that there is a high connection between the writer and the reader, it’s also important to note that this sort of spontaneity compromises the detail and accuracy of Sal’s accounts, which brings into questions the subtleties and chronology of small-scale action. Also, his emotional investment makes his narration highly opinionated and being so influenced by Cassady as to travel across the country, Kerouac’s opinions transferred into Sal the persona are influenced heavil y by Dean. The authenticity and honesty that spontaneous prose conceptualises is undermined by the deliberation and large revision of the manuscript. The published edition was the fourth, and he had been working on On the Road for 2 and a half years, within which he was experimenting with his writing style. He loathed and complained when his editor, who he called a â€Å"crass idiot†, forced several revisions of contextually pornographic sections. In Essentials of spontaneous Prose, released in 1958, he claims that the conscious critical mind might censor richness of imagination. And I think richness of imagination is a euphemism for â€Å"high†, considering the evidence, fictional and factual, of drugs like Benzedrine and weed that reduce clarity of mind, but stimulate the inventive senses. The high levels of intimacy of the actions, events, dialogue and lives of the characters and their real life counterparts means that we cannot satisfactorily negate or authenticate a large amo unt of content, considering the verbose and opportunistic nature of the characters, in particular Dean, and the introverted thoughtfulness of Kerouac. For instance, after his time with Remi Bonceour, an old friend of Sal’s, he sees â€Å"the cutest little Mexican girl in slacks† and he says: â€Å"I wished I was on her bus. A pain stabbed my heart, as it did every time I saw a girl I loved who was going the opposite direction in this too-big world. † Then lo and behold, he gets on his bus to LA and there she is sitting alone, he befriends/propositions/seduces in the proper gentlemanly way of the 50s as you would a â€Å"strange girl†, offering her his jacket for a pillow. Terry and Sal spend fifteen days together, Sal experiencing the Mexican labourer’s life, and at the end, he leaves with an empty promise of New York together. The truthfulness of this encounter is intimate to Kerouac and the girl that is dubbed Terry†¦ if she even exists. On the bus from St Louis to Pittsburgh, days after his parting with Terry, he â€Å"made the acquaintance of a girl and we necked all the way to Indianapolis. She was nearsighted. † He had just described his parting with Terry with â€Å"love is a duel, and looked at each other for the last time. Still, we have dates that correlate with the chronology of On the Road, but this doesn’t really authenticate the text, because the majority of it is thoughts, words, actions, affairs of people and these are not things that would have been recorded by the public or the media or any historically interested people. The limit on primary sources thanks to the Kerouac estate closing most of his original manuscripts and letters, means that even his biographies are dependent on very little, written post-mortem and supplemented by his friends who were close to his work, like John Clellon Holmes and Allen Ginsberg. Still, other publications that overlap time periods with On the Road include Vanity of Duluoz and Visions of Cody. Visions of Cody was intended as a sequel and replacement of On the Road, and the obscure structure and style seeming dependent on pure recollection, contrasts with the narrative style of On the Road. Kerouac struggled with the rejection of his first novel, The Town and the City, so in order to appeal to more people and find success, On the Road’s surprisingly conventional narrative structure furthers it away from biography and autobiography. The separation of four different trips emphasises the stages of plot development. It has a protagonist, Dean, who solicits the narrator, Sal, throughout their time together on the road. In fact every part begins revolving around Dean. So it’s understandable to think of On the Road as a biography of Neal Cassady, however, it’s highly biased, considering the obvious love, admiration and dedication Dean’s disciple shows, which then means that the biography would undoubtedly contain bias, hyperbole, neglect, forgiveness, and judgement. There are also motifs and allusions to great American stories – influenced by writers such as Melville, Hemingway, Saroyan and Twain, he makes reference to their work: â€Å"here came a melancholy Armenian youth along the red box-cars, and just at that moment a locomotive howled, and I said to myself, Yes, yes, Saroyan’s town† (p78). He had even planned to write in a black man to draw stronger connections to Huckleberry Finn, but decided against it. This is evidence of thematic concern, deliberation and careful consideration, which further undermines the whole spontaneous prose thing. It might be because I’m an avid fan of Kerouac, I just think he’s beautiful and beautifully written, but I think that the mysteriousness of the veracity of On the Road contributes to the aura that has accumulated throughout its time, and doesn’t degrade it as a milestone in literature and America. I think the authenticity of On the Road shouldn’t be brought to light in the first place because it wasn’t meant to be a biography of anyone, and it should just be read to marvel at the wondrousness of words and their meanings, just like any literature, and I really recommend you read it Sam because it’s totally cliche but it changed my life.

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On U.S. Foreign Policies Towards the Third World Essay

On U.S. Foreign Policies Towards the Third World - Essay Example Another issue noted is the effect of the US interference on stable countries which include Libya and Egypt. For a long time these two Arabic dominated countries have had the best economies in Africa. However, due to some deemed selfish interference from the US the presidents were removed from power, Muammar Gaddafi was killed as the Egypt president was detained. At the moment the two are still in wrangles and the US is nowhere to be seen. According to Henry (1999), many third world countries rely on the US for aide to facilitate various projects in the respective countries. This has put them in awkward positions as they have to ensure that they do things that are in line with the US references. US has been accused of being biased in political issues and favoring certain candidates. On January, 2013 before the Kenyan presidential elections Johnnie Carson, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs warned Kenyan from voting the candidates with cases at the ICC. This was highly criticized as it showed partisan in the elections and it served to show how biased the US can be at

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ULMS 536 Week 10 Workshop Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

ULMS 536 Week 10 Workshop - Essay Example Most importantly, the organizational direction can only be understood by an effective communication. Suffice to say that communication binds an organization. Communication also affects other aspect of the organization such as change management, risk management and conflict resolution because they involve people who dependent towards communication. Communication is the medium to relay the greater objectives of the organization and the enabler that makes team and organization function effectively and efficiently. Such, the intended change should be communicated as an enabler that would link the organization as a whole to work as a team towards the common organizational goal that responds to the new business reality that compelled change. Change is part of organizational life. Change happens not because management wanted it but because of business imperative. Organizations that cannot adapt to change will perish in the competition. Factors like the external and internal environment precipitates the need for change and the organization has to respond to remain viable and competitive as a business entity. According to Murthy in his book Change Management, change is â€Å"to make or become different, give or begin to have a different form, dissatisfaction with old and belief in the new† (2007: 7). Thus, human resource in an organization must accept change as part of organizational realities and able to adapt to it effectively. Risk management is the identification, analysis, avoidance, mitigation, control and acceptance of uncertainties that may have inimical effects to the organization. The strategic components of risk management involve the avoidance of risk, implementation of risk management tools to reduce the impact of the risk or reduce the probability of the risk and the acceptance that there is always a risk in an organization. Risk management makes the organization resilient to risks brought by change,

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Walmart case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Walmart - Case Study Example This together with the ‘open door policy’ states that management needed to consider the â€Å"associates† views in the decision making process. Walton was against worker unionization and he argues that it would lead to establishment of restrictive work regulations and dramatic pay hikes. Furthermore, he came up with the â€Å"sun down rule† which encouraged workers to complete their tasks on time (Hill and Jones, 2009). His policies were based on getting workers to perform to their level best while paying the insufficient salaries. However, they would be rewarded in stock ownership plans and profit sharing schemes. This strategy has worked for years nonetheless; it has been facing issues in the recent times. Issues Facing This Strategy This strategy has led the company to great heights and sustained its exemplary financial performance over the years. Over the recent past, there have been various issues emerging from the application of this strategy (Anthony , Kacmar and Perrewe, 2002). Wal-Mart is the private entity with the highest number of â€Å"associates† world over. This has created numerous problems with regards to human resource management. In the past, the company has been relying on the strategy of encouraging the employees to work hard with the promise of getting a promotion or incentives through stock ownership and profit sharing. This strategy has been regarded as being highly unfair as workers are exploited to work for long hours and they are not duly compensated for their contribution. Furthermore, it has been observed that the company rarely fulfills its promise of sharing its employees through profit sharing. The company has been faced by several law suits over pressuring their employees to work for long hours without paying them overtime wages. Moreover, the company has been under attack for paying its employees peanuts and pressuring them to work too hard (Heskett, 2011). This has resulting to increasing dissa tisfaction among the workforce and can be attributed to the decline in the company’s performance in the recent past. This policy is aimed at increasing the company’s productivity while totally ignoring the â€Å"associates† plight and contribution towards the company’s success. In most competitive firms, worker remuneration is based on output and this should be the case for the giant retailer. Labor unions have attempted to intervene but to no avail. The company’s â€Å"associates† are continually oppressed as its reputation and financial glory go down the drain. Labor unions have made concerted efforts to unionize the employees over the years but they have fallen on deaf ears. Wal-Mart has been noted to be one of the few companies that have strongly opposed against unionization of the â€Å"associates†. The company management argues that labor unions champion for increased salaries and impose strict working regulations (Heskett, 2011 ). This move is regarded to be highly capitalistic and aims at maximizing the company’s profits at the workers’ expense. This has created negative publicity concerning the company and if no immediate action is taken, it could have further detrimental effects on its profitability. In addition to, the company has

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Nagarjuna's Concept of Emptiness versus Buddhist Philosophical Essay

Nagarjuna's Concept of Emptiness versus Buddhist Philosophical Teaching - Essay Example The beliefs of emptiness is not just an ultimate error but the foundation for attachments that humans have, besides this, it is responsible for the adhering to and development of numerous prejudices. On the other hand, Buddhist philosophical teaching has narrations which are a style of representing a topic and not its theme; this is the core of Buddhist art. The representation becomes a narrative when its representation unfolds as a chain of events or at times it becomes a story that consists of various episodes; the representation revolves around an action that progress into time and later into space. Nagarjuna's concept of emptiness has the notion of intrinsic and independent existence that is often incompatible with causation because causation signifies contingency and dependence; therefore, something that poses independence is usually immutable and self-enclosed. Everything is composed of events that are dependently related and have phenomena that are continuous interacting with an essence that is not fixed or immutable hence they have a relation that is constantly changing. Both occasions and possessions are bare and do not possess permanent essence, realities that are intrinsic or an absolute being that make them afford impartiality. Infirmity takes place when there is grasping of autonomous existence; this eventually leads to a series of actions that are destructive, sufferings, and reactions. In addition to this, the theory of Nagarjuna emptiness has profound ethical and psychological implications (Olson, 45). For instance, ideologies responsible for dividing humanity come from the tendency of people to perceive things to be inherently divided and disconnected; this misconception brings about the belief that the divisions are essentially independent and self-existent. On the other hand, Buddhism narration involved ancient classics and the story and all related action unfolds out of disclosure; they often evolve from a chain of stories that are not linke d together. Discourse and introduction of the story initiates moral in the story and supports it, same applies to the other story and the other except for the case of visual narration which is somewhat different. In visual narration, moral is deducted but does not come at the beginning of the narration; likewise, it has the discourse technique but it is not on the ground to take off. The narrator is required to be precise when selecting episodes that are able to reveal the whole story; moreover, the narrator has to know how to portray actors, represent spaces in the story and shape the time during which the story unfolds (Edelglass, 602). Literary narratives have stories that manipulate time and space; for instance, in a sentence that talks about two people who met in France after five years and they both had grown beards has time and space appearing in the narrative body. It is said that in one of his first sermons, the Buddha made a prescription of a middle path between the charac ters of self indulgence and self mortification, stating that there had to be a balance between the two. Nagarjuna, who came in a later period, made a citation of the same but while this was the case, he went even further by stating that there was a middle way between existence and non-existence and also between what is permanent and what is not. According to this philosopher, the development of ignorance among individuals tends to be the source of all the suffering that they

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Power and Privilege in Conflict Resolution Essay

Power and Privilege in Conflict Resolution - Essay Example In his article â€Å"Power and Conflicts†, Coleman clearly outlines how power is related to conflict resolution. According to him, there are different ways of defining power which could be power over, power with and dependence and powerless. He says that in conflict resolution, when one of the conflicting parties feels that the solution that is reached gives the other party power over them, the resolution is not satisfactory. This means that the same kind of conflict is likely to arise in future. In order to reach a lasting resolution, competition should not be created in resolving conflicts, and the parties involved should not feel like they are in a win-lose position. There should be more emphasis on promoting cooperation, independent power and shared power. It is also evident that the people who possess power have a tendency to justify having this power and using it in the manner that they feel fit. They are also not willing to share this power with those they perceive to b e powerless. The parties with low power on the other hand are likely to show discontentment with their situation and are shortsighted. They in most cases roll their discontentment to people who have less power than them (Coleman 12). This ruins their chances of being empowered and makes it even harder for the conflicts to be resolved. It is only through coalition building and cooperation where power is neutralized that conflicts can be resolved completely. Privileges also play a vital role in conflict resolution since they give power to the privileged and take power from the underprivileged. In dealing with conflicts that come with one party having power over the others because of one being privileged, there are certain things that need to be considered. For instance, gender equality has been a source of conflict for many years. Women complain of not being equally treated in education, work and other situation. Dealing with this kind of situation would require that the men acknowled ge the fact that they are privileged and accept to lose some of the privileges in order to resolve the conflict (McIntosh 3). This is because in most cases, although it may be universally acknowledged that women are under-privileged, men would not agree to the fact that they are privileged. This could be the reason why we are still very far away from dealing with the issue of gender equality. The question of truth and morality is an intricate one and it is crucial to understand this relationship in conflict resolution. This is especially based on the fact that a person may have wrong motives but his actions lead to good results while another one may have good intention but the ends become terrible. Truth is thus the harsh reality that people have to live with while morality is judged in terms of good intentions (Kriesberg, 3). Truth and morality are related to conflict resolution in the sense that morality and truth seeks to social justice and reconciliation and conflict resolutions are part of this quest. Take the example of the situation where single mothers who do not

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Cloud Computing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Cloud Computing - Research Paper Example Martin Sandler, Director Systems security lab HP says’ â€Å"People often think of virtualization as adding to security problems, but it is fundamentally the answer to a lot of those problems,† (Anthes 2010). Overall, cloud computing includes a number of advantages and some disadvantages as the data must be secured while using cloud computing methods from possible security breaches. Likewise, transferring information on the cloud determines that it is not manageable by the organization anymore and any consequence or a breach of data occurring on the vendor side will be a prime threat to the organization. Therefore, information security is the part of due care and due diligence that is derived from the responsible employees of the organization. 1.1 Cloud Deployment Models The private and confidential property and data must be secured by the ‘Business Cloud’ that contains trading secrets, customer’s information and other data. It is the main responsibi lity of business cloud to ensure proper security for the above mentioned information. Security breach can cause permanent damage to business that leads towards bankruptcy and other legal complications. Similarly, it is also necessary to analyze service models and implementation methods before making any plans related to critical applications transfers of the cloud. In order to implement right services and to avoid any possible risks, business requirements must be aligned. Furthermore, cloud computing implementation methods are selected by the ‘Business Cloud’ according to the organizations requirements. There are four types of implementation factors available to choose from. (Shelton 2013). 1.1.1 Private Cloud The private cloud is also referred as a neologism. However, the concept of this term out dates cloud computing by 40 years. Private clouds are recommended for organization requiring advanced security and privacy measures (Shelton 2013). The private cloud is admini stered exclusively for only a single organization, in order to maintain strict level of security. 1.1.2 Community Cloud As compared to a private cloud, the community cloud is shared among many organizations having identical business requirements. Moreover, the required infrastructure is shared among all the organization that is connected to the cloud saving the cost and demonstrates one of the advantages of cloud computing (Shelton 2013). 1.1.3 Public Cloud Public computing is a traditional approach where the resources are accessible on the Internet. Third party providers, known as the cloud vendors, organize the hosting for these resources on the Internet. The services and resources on this cloud are accessible to the public and groups of various industries (Shelton 2013). 1.1.4 Hybrid Cloud A hybrid cloud comprises of a mixture of all types of clouds i.e. public, private and community. Most organizations deploy this type of cloud as it provides a range of options in the context of accessibility. By incorporating hybrid clouds, issues such as PCI compliance can be eliminated (Shelton 2013). 2 Cloud Computing Advantages Cloud computing will derive many valuable benefits for ‘Business Cloud’, as they are discussed below (Wu, Shen et al. 2011): The first factor is justifiable, as there is no requirement of managing or maintaining software, hardware and

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Golden Ratio Essay Example for Free

Golden Ratio Essay The Golden Ratio which is also referred to as golden mean, golden section or divine proportion is a number frequently encountered when calculating ratios of distances particularly in simple geometric figures like pentagram, dodecahedron, pentagon and pentagram. It is an irrational constant in mathematics which is given an approximate value of 1. 6180339887 and is symbolized by the Greek letter phi or in other words , or sometimes . Most of the greatest mathematicians in the ancient Greece, Euclid and Pythagoras along with Leonard of Pisa who was medieval Italian Mathematician together with Johannes Kepler, Renaissance astronomer and the present day scientific individuals like Roger Penrose, Oxford Physicist have spent a lot time in studying this ratio along with its properties (Weisstein, 2010). The Ancient Greek mathematicians initially studied the Golden Ratio simply because it frequently appeared in geometry. The Greeks have always attributed the discovery of this ratio to Pythagoras along with his followers. The Golden Ratio was first used by Martin Ohm in his 2nd edition book Die Reine Elementar-Mathematik in 1835. The fascination of this concept is not confined to mathematicians but also artists, musicians, biologists, mystics, architects, historians and psychologist have debated and pondered the basis of its appeal and ubiquity. Prof. Michael Maestlin wrote the first approximation of the Golden Ratio in 1597 and stated it to be about 0. 6180340. It is fair to declare that the Golden Ratio have brought inspiration to most thinkers of various disciplines than any other number has done in the history of mathematics (Weisstein, 2010). The Golden Ratio in Art Just as the Golden Ratio is used in the beauty and design of nature, it can also be applied in achieving balance and beauty in the design of art. This is just a tool for composition although it is not a rule. Leonardo Da Vinci, used the Golden Ratio intensively in designing and in many of his paintings, he featured the Golden Ratio which he called the â€Å"divine proportion†. This he did after his exploration of the human body by engaging in the ratios of the lengths of different body parts. His illustration of the polyhedra on the divine proportion, and his perspective concerning the body proportions portraying the Golden Ratio has led to the speculation by some scholars that he used Golden Ratio in painting. This speculation has been seen in his Mona Lisa painting where it employs Golden Ratio proportion. The Sacrament of the Last Supper, which is a painting by Salvador Dali explicitly, illustrates the application of the Golden Ratio. The canvas’ dimension is that of the golden rectangle and what dominates the composition is the large dodecahedron which has its edges in Golden Ratio and swings above and behind Jesus. Other paintings speculated to symbolize the Golden Ratio are Holy Family by Micahelangelo, Crucifixion by Raphael, Self-portrait by Rembrandt, Golden Section Plate by Fletcher Cox and Bathers by Seurat (Obara 2010). The Golden Ratio in Architecture The Ancient Egyptians became the first individuals to apply mathematics in art. It is obvious that they did this by ascribing magical properties of the Golden Ratio and henceforth using that in designing their great pyramids. Some studies regarding the Parthenon and Acropolis offer a conclusion that most of its proportions give an estimated value of Golden Ratio. The facade of the Parthenon along with the elements of its facade are suspected to be circumscribed in terms of golden rectangles. The fact that the proportions of the classical buildings or rather their elements are according to the Golden Ratio clearly explain that the architects who designed them were conscious of the Golden Ratio and applied it in their designs. On the other hand, it is possible that the architects applied their special sense of good proportion and as a result their proportions gave approximate of the Golden Ratio (Obara 2010). According to a geometrical analysis carried out by Boussora and Mazouz concerning to the Great Mosque of Kairoua, it is evident that there was consistent utilization of the Golden Ratio in its design. The Golden Ratio is applied in the overall proportion of the plan along with the dimensioning of the court, the prayer space and the minaret. Mazouz and Boussora further scrutinized earlier archaeological theories concerning the mosque and demonstrated the Golden Ratio in the geometric constructions through the application of the constructions on the plan so as to test their hypothesis(The Golden Number). Le Coubusier explicitly applied the Golden Ratio specifically in his Moduaor system which he saw as a continuation of the traditions of the work of Battista Alberti, Leonardo da Vinci’s â€Å"Vitruvian Man† and others who applied the human body proportions to improve the function and appearance of architecture. Mario Botta, a Swiss architect based most of his designs on figures of geometry. Some of the private houses which he designed in Switzerland consist of cylinders, squares, cubes and circles. In Origlio, Mario has designed a house with the proportion of the Golden Ratio between the side sections and the central section of the house. In a recent book by Jason Elliot, it has been contemplated that the Golden Ratio was utilized in designing the Lotfollah mosque and Naqsh-e Jahan Square. The Golden Ratio was also used in designing the Notre Dame in Paris in 1250 (The Golden Number). Conclusion The idea of translating beauty into a simple number, the Golden Ratio is quite disturbing. It is true that beauty is not something that is so substantial in something like a lifeless number but rather something we all have to make personal choices regarding it. Basing on the rule of thirds that is used in photography, for a photo to emerge appealing and balanced, the image must be made to abide by the grid that is divided into thirds. The number of comments that a person receives directly correlates with the beauty found in his/her image. Though, there are other factors that affect how people view a person or something, good comments are given depending on how the image appeals the eyes. For attractive people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the skeleton of Golden Ratio almost fit perfectly on them. However, when the skeleton was put on a picture of an individual who looked a bit unattractive, the skeleton did not fit. I am not suggesting that beauty should be translated into being lifeless and cold because of it being defined inform of numbers. However, I think that the paintings and houses that used the proportions of the Golden Ratio look appealing and beautiful. In my opinion therefore, physical beauty can be measured by Golden Ratio.

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Of Mice And Men - Review Essay Example for Free

Of Mice And Men Review Essay The novel Of Mice And Men is set in the early 1930s, in the American state of California. America at this time was suffering from the effects of the depression, which followed the Wall Street Crash. This had caused many businesses to go bankrupt. Also, in this period of time America had great problems on the agricultural side of its economy. Large areas of farmland had been lashed by hurricane winds, and this had caused much of the topsoil to been blown away, leaving vast areas of land unable to grow any kind of crops. Logically this meant that less workers were needed to tend the land, so many were laid off, and as mentioned earlier many businesses had gone bankrupt following the Wall Street Crash, the combined effect of these two events led to vast numbers of people being left jobless. This gave rise to a new group of society drifters; people who would travel from place to place doing manual labour, or working in the fields. This worked to the advantage of the business owners who managed to survive the crisis, (many of these were in California, a rich state which had not been hit as badly by the depression) because it meant that there were lots of workers for few jobs. Employers could make working conditions awful, knowing that if anyone complained they could fire them and there would be five people eager to fill the place. We do not know if John Steinbecks story is based on true characters or not, but we do know that he gives a very accurate depiction of what life was like at the time, as he himself was a drifter for a period of time. One thing that becomes evident during the story is that most of the characters suffer from loneliness. One of the ways in which they coped with the loneliness was by holding onto a belief in the American dream, the dream that every man can better himself through his own efforts, and live a long and happy life. The first two characters that we meet are George and Lennie, two drifters. George comes across as the leader of the two; his job is to keep Lennie out of trouble. He shows great patience in dealing with Lennie whose mental age is the equivalent of a small child. During the book we do see George lose his temper with Lennie because it appears that he is always messing things up for George. For example when they are on their way to the new ranch Lennie produces a dead mouse from his pocket and George gets angry, You crazy fool, You gonna give me that mouse or do I have to sock you? and Blubberin like a baby? Jesus Christ! A big guy like you. George claims he only keeps Lennie around because he made a promise to his Aunt Clara that he would. Even if this is true she is now dead, and so George has no real reason to keep looking after Lennie, especially as Lennie seems to mess up everything that goes right for George. However, George still puts up with Lennie and this, it would seem, is mainly to avoid the loneliness that is caused by all the travelling. While Lennie may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, he is still someone to converse with on long lonely walks. We learn from early on in the book that George and Lennie also share the American dream, they dream of one day having, a little house and a couple of acres an a cow and some pigs.This ambition highlights one big difference between George and Lennies grasp on reality, whilst George says he dreams of this, he must know deep down inside of him that they will never fulfil the dream. Lennie on the other hand is completely different he believes so deeply in the dream that at one point George actually threatens to not let Lennie tend the rabbits when they achieve their dream. The dream that these two share leads us to meet the next character that also suffers great loneliness. We first meet Candy when Lennie and George arrive at the ranch. He is the first person they meet. He is also the one who takes them to see the boss. Candy only has one arm and we find out later that he lost his arm in a machinery accident in the fields. However, the ranch still employs him and he was given compensation for his injury. Due to the loss of his arm he cannot work in the fields, instead he has to stay behind and sweep up. This causes him great loneliness because he has no one to talk to, his best friend is his dog, but tragically later in the story the other workers convince Candy to shoot him because he is old and useless. While the other workers can go into town at the end of the month, giving them the opportunity go out and have a good time, Candy cannot join them because he is too old to be out drinking until late in the night. His circumstances cause him to suffer from great loneliness, so it is not surprising that when he over hears Lennie and George talking about their dream, he tries to buy in to it. With the money that Candy got in compensation for his arm, it begins to look as though the dream may become a reality more quickly than George or Lennie imagined. The next character that we meet is Crooks the stable buck. He suffers from loneliness because he is black. This means he has to sleep in his own dorm and is not allowed to stay in the same dorm as the other workers. He is lonely purely because he is alone all the time and has no one to talk to. Crooks is also a cripple as a horse kicked him when he was working, leaving him with a crooked back, this prevents him from joining in many activities. He pretends, when Lennie goes into his dorm to be really angry, I aint wanted in the bunk-house, and you aint wanted in my room. But as time goes on he begins to warm to Lennie, Come on in and set a while, Long as you wont get out and leave me alone you might as well sit down. I think this is mainly because he was just glad to have someone to talk to, after being on his own for so long. Even after this though he could not resist getting revenge on the white folk, he teases Lennie asking him, Spose George dont come back no more. And he persists and begins to scare Lennie until finally Lennie gets so scared he decides to go and check if George was back yet. But Crooks quickly apologises at the thought of being left all alone again. A few minutes later Candy turns up and although Crooks acts as though he is resentful he still invites him in. The next character to appear at Crooks door is Curleys wife. She is the only woman on the ranch, and the guys refuse to talk to her because of Curley. He is very protective and jealous of her and will try and beat up anyone who he thinks might be making a move on her. When the guys in Crooks dorm seem to shut her out she begins to insult them, Standin here talking to a bunch of bindle stiffs- a nigger an a dum-dum and a lousy ol sheep. Showing a spiteful side to her character. She only married Curley to spite her mother in the first place. One night in a bar she met a man who claimed he could make her a great star actress. We are not told how the man took advantage of her. He said that he would send a letter to her, but she never received it and blamed her mother, accusing her of destroying the letter, then to spite her she ran off and married Curley. The story has a tragic ending, all the way through the story George had warned Lennie about getting to close to Curleys wife. But this turned out to be the downfall of their dream, which had seemed so much more likely since the addition of Candy to the plot. Lennie is in the barn when she appears and starts talking to him. They start sharing stories, and she asks him why he is so obsessed with rabbits. He tells her about his obsession with stroking nice things, and she allows him to stroke her hair. She starts to complain that he will, muss it up, but when she pulls away Lennies grip tightens and she begins to scream. He puts his hand over her mouth and begs her not to because George will get angry. Her body, flopped like a fish, Lennie had broken her neck. The first people to find the body were Candy and George. They new it had to be Lennie. It is at that point that the dream is thrown into real jeopardy. Candy recognising this, immediately tries to convince George that they can still achieve their hopes, You an me can get that little place, cant we, George? Cant we? But Candy already knew the answer. George knows that Lennie was such a big part of the dream, it could not continue without him, it would almost be disloyal. George knows that the other workers, especially Curley would not allow Lennie to live after this. George goes off to find the other workers. Candy is now alone with the body of Curleys wife in the barn, he blames her for destroying the dreams of three men, himself, George and Lennie. He actually begins to shout at her, You god damn tramp. spose youre glad. George follows the other workers into the barn. He acts as though it is the first time he has seen the body. The other workers assure him that they think he had nothing to do with it, and they set off in search of Lennie. The story ends with George and Carson, one of the ranch hands, standing over Lennie. George has the gun to the back off Lennies head. He and Lennie have been talking about the dream, before Lennie knows it George pulls the trigger and Lennie is dead. The last thing we see is George going to the highway with Carson, Curley and Slim. He and Slim walk away to get a drink, George knowing that its all over. The dreams that he and Candy have shared, and that have kept them going have been destroyed.

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General Electric Growth Strategy: The Imment Initiative

General Electric Growth Strategy: The Imment Initiative General electric a USA based company whose headquarters are located in New York is one of the words most renowned and successful companies in terms of market shares and revenues with the total worth of $150 billion. The companys total revenue in the year 2006 had increased to 17% comparing to the total revenue gained 2005 i.e. 12%. General electric is ranked two by Forbes based on the total profit made by the company, total market shares, and the value of products. General electric is currently employing around 287,000 employees all around the world and its market is expanded throughout countries like the united states of America, European countries and the Asian continent primarily India, china, Japan, and Singapore. But the stock prices of GE seems to be constant at $35 despite of huge market growth, which is one of the most important factors to look for in future for GE, despite constant stock prices GE is doing good in terms of earnings in the market. B. Strategic posture As soon as jeff immelt hold the position as the CEO of GE, he describes certain mission, objectives and strategies that GE has to follow throughout, these are. Mission Mission of the company is to change the previous strategies which proved to be inefficient earlier, and to integrate the company as a conglomerate. One of the major missions of the company is also to satisfy the demand of its customers and to deliver the best to its clients. Objectives To formulate and act on various strategies and to modify it at times and according to the situation that will help the company in the long term gain. To create a media business that is focused on the digital future of the company i.e. the acquisition of various media franchise. To create new techniques and to flourish in the healthcare market, like to combine GEs advanced imaging techniques with traditional healthcare techniques like advanced diagnostics, targeted therapies etc. so as to deliver their customers with new techniques and also to gain new opportunities in the market. Strategies The major strategies of GE are: As an ex-salesman, immelt had always got the tendency to focus on the needs of the customers and to deliver them with the best in quality and technique services. For accomplishing these objectives immelt had developed some major strategies that includes recruiting new chief marketing officer, and to train the business development staff more precisely to marketing roles. In the process they have hired a large number of marketing experts that shows how much GE wants to look for customer satisfaction. The next strategy of immelt is to form a commercial effective counsel in order to bring about together the best sales and marketing leaders together to deliver best practice. The company started using tools such as six sigma and net promoter score (NPS) to track customers attitude and loyalty. The next strategy of immelt focuses on being a service provider in order to strengthen customer relationship. As GE has a massive base of more than 100,000 long lived jet engines, power generators, locomotives and medical devices. Immelt seems them as a very good potential service income stream. Policies GEs policies includes customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, and these policies are very much connected to each other and to the external and internal environment as the mission of GE is to provide the best services and this can only be done when they have a good customer and employee policies. The current mission, objectives and strategies of GE is very much accurate considering its globalization policies and multi domestic policies. And the main objective of the company reflects the internal operations of GE as immelt had altered many processes and shuffled departments keeping in mind the missions and objectives. 3. External environment: opportunities and threats A. Natural Physical Environment: Sustainability Issues The new growth platform of GE is based on natural and renewable sources of energy that includes wind, solar, biomass, coal gasification etc. GE is trying to increase their scope to these sources in order to sustain in the future. The only threat for GE in dealing with this new growth platform is the carbon emission and the use of non renewable sources. GE must find new ways to tackle these problems. Natural environment counts when it comes to services for example if GE is delivering its services in some area where the environmental conditions are not that good such as extremely hot conditions in the countries of Africa and extremely cold regions of the Siberia and the arctic circle. B. Societal Issues Economic: the company is doing very well in the recent days in terms of sales and new services and as there are many new opportunities for GE flourishing in every field ranging from healthcare to consultancy related services. The only threat for the company is the competition that is growing day by day in the related fields. Technological: GE is equipped with one of the best engineers and R D department of the world therefore it is a very good plus point for GE in order to research new technologies for its services. As GE deals in various services ranging from hardware to providing consultancy to medical services therefore it is a must for GE to use new and modified technologies and a very good base of technical employees. The technology that is used by GE always gives it a forte in the market. Political: the company has to face many political issues especially when it is trading in other countries therefore GE must have a very good law base and an effective Liasoning strategy so as to deal with political problems. Socio-cultural: the employees of GE is experiencing a work culture, this work culture is very important for GE in order to make their employees satisfied and to maintain dignity of work. Moreover GE is very much obsessed about their customers and for that reason they have formulated various effective strategies for their customers. All these forces vary when talking about trading of GE in global market. For ex. the political scenario of the country could be very different, for ex. the globalization policies, the employment policies and the taxation policies could be very different in other countries. Moreover the technological aspects also changes when trading globally for ex. the country where GE is trading may not have a very good technological base. Socio culture also depends and varies country to country depending on the work culture that is defined in that country. C. Task Environment Threat of new entrants: as GE is dealing in many services ranging from consultancy to hardware and other services therefore they are facing immense competition in the sector, also when they deal in global market they face competition from various local companies and firms in the same service, but as the strategies of GE is very well defined therefore they can very well compete and also defeat other players. Bargaining power of buyers: bargaining power of buyers is very high keeping in mind the thing that there are very much competition in the market therefore the bargaining power of buyers is very high and the company would compromise on bargain if required. Threat of substitute products and services: the services provided by the company are unique in nature and is very good in quality therefore the chances are very low that new services and products may replace GEs products, but GE should not take this thing very lightly as the concept of globalization is increasing and companies are keen to develop new strategies and willing to introduce new products. Bargaining power of suppliers: the bargaining power of supplier is not very much in case of deals with GE as the market reputation and position of GE is very good and as GE is a very good company therefore dealing with GE gives a plus point to the suppliers in their portfolio. Rivalry among competitive firms: GE as all knows is a $150 billion company therefore it is obvious that GE holds the key position in the market whether it is related to services based on consultancy or healthcare or any other hardware service, and GE operates and provide services in every filed therefore rivalry between GE and its competitive firms is very much for example companies which are pre-established in the healthcare sector are nowadays getting a tough competition from GE therefore we can say that the rivalry is very high in this case. 4. Internal Environment: Strength and Weakness A. Corporate Structure GE is an American multinational conglomerate company and is a publicly traded company; GE is ranked the number one company by Forbes in terms of employees and employers experience. The corporate structure of GE is divided into four parts GE capital: led by mike neal the vice chairman of the company, this segment deals with all the financial services businesses that include commercial finance, corporate treasury, and GE money. This structure focuses on improving GEs capital opportunities. GE technology infrastructure: is headed by vice chairmen john rice is a segment that focuses primarily on aviation, transportation, and healthcare and enterprise solution. This segment focuses on developing new softwares and leveraging technology. NBC universal: focuses mainly on the globalization and acquisition policies. Energy infrastructure: headed by vice chairman john krenicki is a segment that focuses on energy, water and oil and gas. B. Corporate Culture GE believes that their culture is among their innovations. GEs culture plays very important part in unifying the overall structure and the working of their business units around the world. The main aspects of GE that forms the major culture of GE they are: Their peoples: GE believes that their employees are their base in producing and delivering services therefore GE bring together employees to generate a passion of leadership with a combination of attributes. Working environment: the environment that GE provides is a highly integrated work environment with the best business practices. Leadership and learning: GE believes that learning is the process of development and so they have a very good base to teach their employees at every step of work. The work culture of the company consistent to the companys current objectives, strategies, policies and programs as the company believes in satisfying their customers and their employees therefore their work culture is very well defined in this context. GE believes in a sustainable culture and to utilize the natural resources to the best and this thing is very well confined in the work culture of GE. The corporate culture of GE is designed kept in mind increasing the quality of services, productivity, and globalization strategies so that they can gain more revenues. The company has a very diverse work force therefore they have formed corporate culture that not only help employees irrespective of their background but also encourage them. Whenever GE trades in any other country, they always make sure that the workforce there is satisfied with their corporate culture and also try to formulate strategies based on their culture so that they will have no problem in working with the peoples of that country. C. Corporate Resources The General Electric is highly diverse multinational conglomerate and has a highly expanded market. To make sure continued growth, the company CEO Jeff Immelt has incorporated various marketing and finance strategies over the year for justified use of available corporate resources Marketing General electric is currently working on basic business model based on which it has progressed over the year with slight changes. Its objective is to work as a well integrated and highly diversified company producing with innovations in every area. It is currently operating in 11 major business lines which includes-finance, transportation, NBC and health care. Jeff Immelt took the advantage of General Electric s huge and diverse stature by taking the company into high technology based industries due to lack of competition whose growth strategies were based on Technical leadership, Services acceleration, Commercial excellence, Globalization and Growth platforms. The first and foremost objective of Immelts strategies was increment in organic growth of company from its 5% annual rate during Welchs tenure to 8%. His strategic planning included renewing and rebalancing existing company portfolios and then attempting growth from fresh and sound foundation. One of the significant steps taken were acquisition of various markets and networks in existing business like Hispanic advertisement market etc. which helped in providing scope for future market opportunities and innovations. The main marketing strategies involve employee of company as their consumer on par with other consumer groups, awareness of strategies followed by its competitor, developing relations with its major consumers and over the years environmental safety has become a priority for General Electric. Compared to its competitors the marketing strategies of GE is unique and widely appreciated, the fact that it has not only followed its previous strategies but also taken some bold modifications viewed by others, having potential risk makes it superior to its competitors. The company has extended widely in past years by acquiring new business as well as investing in previous business as well. It has opened its branches in more than 150 countries and RD departments in India and China taking into consideration their cultural traditions since it considers its employees its first consumers. One of the weaknesses of GE has been its poor record with environmental issues. Allegations have immerged of water and air pollutions against the company. The new marketing strategy have taken it a point to make sure no further misuse of natural resources take place. The role of marketing manager is of utmost importance in GE. The strategy should be sought out further new innovative and technically feasible marketing strategies in order to increase its total revenue by 20 to 25%. Advantage for the manager is existing wealth of $150 billion and companies sound market reputation. Finance Jeff Immelt took the job of CEO of General Electrics at the time of great financial difficulties due to 9/11 incident which brought financial turmoil to the whole countrys economy but Immelt had huge belief in companys reputation and showed promising results as time passed. Initially the companys share dropped by 20% due to which he was widely criticized. But with persistent efforts at the end of year 2002, its cash flow increased to 10% compared to previous year and by the end of year 2004, companys revenue increased to 20%.The success achieved by the company is due to its visionary CEO who worked incessantly despite criticism in order to make General Electric one of the most renowned name ever. Currently its sound financial stand in market gives it scope for exploring new business areas and expansion of General Electric. The financial strategy of investing and acquiring new business is consistent with one of the main objectives of GE i.e. expansion of company widely across the globe. Net earnings of General Electric have increased every year considerably during Jeff Immelts tenure as its CEO. By assessing GEs cost price and selling price index it can be determined that initially the company had to suffer few losses with speedy recovery in 2002-2003 while there was a slight dip during 2003-2004, currently GEs business boast of $150 billion business and still expanding. Overall the new financial strategy was based on companys previous successful strategies with further investment in high technologically sound and service satisfactory business with development of high quality products. Finance is the backbone of GE, as with new business investment there is always potential risk, companies accumulated wealth is a plus point for further developments. With its initial criticism of over expected business success GEs CEO Jeff Immelt took revolutionary decision and within two years he took the company to its set objectives with net revenue increasing many folds and financial reputation strengthening. The strategies followed by GE for financial stability are based on its previous successful financial strategies with slight modifications. One of the significant strategies of the company is deliberate synchronization of its product price with that of the countrys market price in order to have complete harmony with its local consumers. In 2001 after 9/11 GEs stakeholders and shares declined significantly and its new appointed CEO Jeff Immelt was criticized widely for his potentially risky decision. But GE managed to fight back to its overwhelming position and as one of the most renowned name in market. The possible financial manager role is to make sure that companys product is satisfactory and in accordance with consumers pocket. The satisfaction of companys stakeholders and shareholders has always been companys first priority. Along with this company should implement those financial strategies which are in accordance to the present market condition and economy. Research and Development Initially Immelt decided on $100 million for General Electrics research and development facility at Nishayuna in New York, investing in building new campus and laboratories. It was developed for discussion between business manager and technologist to optimize its product quality. Although Immelt had plans for investment in long term research product which might not be feasibly commercialy for at least a decade as well. He showed more interest in high technology assisted products. Expansion was also visible in RD department with new installation in India and China along with RD budget being increased to $327 million in 2002 to emphasize more on organic research rather than acquisition. The Research and Development department is one of the most extensive and highly developed of GE with increase in its budget every year being visible promising high quality and innovative as well as inventive product being guaranteed by the company. Operation and Logistics The performance of the company is easily calculated by its sales revenues. In 2004-2005 the sales revenue increased from $ 1, 34,481 Million to $ 1, 49,702 Million. This concludes that the companys sale rapidly increased from 2004-2005. Also earnings from continuing operation increased from $ 16,285 Million to $ 18,275 Million in the same period that means production increased continuously. Sales volume of GE has a huge level of production that provides unique identity among competitors. GE production manager increases the level of production so sales revenues and net profit increases. Human Resource Management GEs Human Resource management includes employment and arbitration in according with the United States laws, and with a companys directives. Main motive of GEs HR professionals is to identify the new competencies that growth managers would need to exhibit. GEs HR researched the managers profiles at large global companies like TOYOTA and DELL. GEs HR responses utilizes 20% of total time with customers time ,30% on people, teaching and 10% with governance, working with the board, and meeting with the investors. The current economic climate is forcing GEs to explore tactics to remain competitive. Business process outsourcing of certain functions is an increasingly popular way to improve basic services. Information Technology GEs had the best product, content and services. A dedication to GEs inspires an entrepreneurial culture to implement ideas into differentiating opportunities for clients, business and most importantly to drive one GE in the market place. Strategic Factors Internal Factors Capability Manufacturing Services acceleration Finance Price Promotion Place Personal External Factors Customer Market place Growth leaders Technical leadership Transportation Competitors Target Globalization Recommended Strategies GE is a global company and it wants to achieve global presence in the whole world. It is recommended here that: GE should invest in high level business surveys in future markets to expand its market value. GE should engage local growth leaders in their targeted areas who would help actualize the real customer needs in such markets. GE should adopt new technology to fast its services and products in the market. Conclusions The strategy of GE to provide services in every sector is proved to be a very good strategy as it has given empowerment to the company to increase its sales and revenues on a very big scale. The company is also opting for the globalization strategy and is trading in many countries across the world making them more and more powerful in terms of services and customer relation. Immelts growth strategy to increase the share prices and to increase the revenue is proved to be very efficient in the context. Immelt is an ex- salesman therefore he knows that the customer is the main person that decides your stock prices and the revenues and the market position most importantly, therefore he had introduced strategies to make the customer happy and the strategies proved to be very good. The key to effective implementation of the strategies is to building on the past while imagining the future, technical leadership, services acceleration, commercial excellence, globalization, growth platform are the major key in the effective implementation of the strategies.

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Biotechnology- food :: essays research papers fc

Bibliography 1.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ Copyright 2000-2004 by the SCOPE Research Group (UC Berkeley, UW, AAAS), all rights reserved. 2.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ 3.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  © 1998 - 2004 English Nature, Northminster House, Peterborough PE1 1UA England 4. 5. Copyright  © 2004 The Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology Agricultural biotechnology is a collection of scientific techniques, including genetic engineering, that are used to create, improve, or modify plants, animals, and microorganisms. Using conventional techniques, such as selective breeding, scientists have been working to improve plants and animals for human benefit for hundreds of years. Modern techniques now enable scientists to move genes (and therefore desirable traits) in ways they could not before - and with greater ease and precision ( Biotech food, which is genetically modified or genetically engineered, is grown from seeds that carry specific genes to produce desired characteristics. In the early 1990s, the first biotech food on the market was a tomato that ripened on the vine and could be transported without bruising. The products of agricultural biotechnology today include plants that are protected from insects or are tolerant to herbicides. Biotech foods have now made their way onto our tables. More than a third of the corn and more than half of the soybeans in the 1999 U.S. harvest were grown from seeds produced using biotechnology. As biotechnology crops and foods have proliferated, so have questions and concerns. European consumers, perhaps because of unrelated food scares about diseased beef and contaminated soda, are arguing to label biotech food or keep it out of stores. Consumers in the United States are starting to pay more attention to these issues. Concerns range from food safety to environmental impact. Also framing the debate are ethical questions, including whether it is right to change the genetic makeup of a plant. Some objections that activists raise also apply to conventional crops grown with modern high-intensity agriculture. Increasing acreage given over to GA crops is one of the most frightening aspects. The pollen from these plants can travel miles from their host via wind and insects and fertilize other non-GA crops or related weed species growing nearby. This has already happened with canola and sugar beet. Furthermore, the genes inserted by the alteration process are more biologically vigorous and may be up to 30 times more likely to escape than the plant's own genes. We have already seen this process take place with disastrous results with other 'exotic' and invasive species such as kudzu in the south, and zebra mussels in our waterways( http://www.

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In a Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift, the main objective was to draw :: English Literature

In a Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift, the main objective was to draw attention to the plight of the Irish people and motiva In a Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift, the main objective was to draw attention to the downfall of the Irish people and motivate readers to find a workable solution. Unlike most essays, this is written for the reader to see through what the narrator is expressing. Swift shows the readers his proposal mainly through irony. Irony can be defined as expressing the opposite of what is meant. This is a great technique of the sense of humor and sarcasm used in the proposal and in Swift. One of the voices that are present throughout the story is that of irony. The story itself is ironic since no one can take Swift’s proposal seriously. This irony is clearly demonstrated at the end of the story; Swift makes it clear that this proposal would not affect him since his children were grown and his wife unable to have any more children. It is a great contradiction and absurdity that a husband and father propose the idea of cannibalism. The narrator does not want the reader to agree that the solution to overpopulation and poverty in Ireland is to eat babies; he wants the reader to see there needs to be a practical solution. Although something seems one way to the narrator, Jonathan Swift wants the reader to see it in an opposite light. Swift's opposition is indirectly presented. The author uses satire to accomplish his objective not only because he is able to conceal his true identity but also because it is the most effective way to awake the people of Ireland into seeing their own deprivation. Firstly, the narrative voice begins the essay by describing the horrible conditions in which the Irish peasants are living. He demonstrates there is a serious problem with a great need for a solution. He then suggests a solution and then lists a whole list of advantages. His proposal of eating the Irish babies is followed by advantages such as "by the sale of their children, [the parents would] be rid of the charge of maintaining them after the first year". To a poverty stricken person this would take a huge load off of their shoulders by not having to raise a child, while at the same time making money off of them to better support themselves and lifestyle. â€Å"I grant this food will be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for landlords, who, as they have already devoured most of the parents, seem to have the best title to the kitchen† is a quote that shows a

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Mind and True Feelings Essay

In the book Grendel, the author made the decision to use the character Grendel as the narrator. He knew that the readers would understand more about Grendel’s feelings. To know the real Grendel, you need to read it from his point of view, not anyone else’s. The story made more sense because it was written in stream of consciousness. Stream of consciousness means that the author writes down everything that he is thinking. In Grendel we got to read everything from his heart, his true feelings about everything. The story would have been really different if we hadn’t gotten to see who he was and what he was all about. Grendel from the book was a totally different Grendel from Beowulf. In Beowulf we see Grendel as an evil monster that wanted to kill everyone and had no feelings. But we know that he did have true feelings for people and for himself. â€Å"My head aches† (page 13), is an example of something we would have never known by watching the movie. We also know that he cared deeply about his mother and other people. We also would have never known that he was actually very intelligent and could speak. â€Å"I sobbed as if heartbroken† (page 19). We know that he had a heart; a real monster wouldn’t have a heart. He was sad because he didn’t have the life that he wanted; everyone was happy but he wasn’t. With everything that we know about Grendel and his feelings is all stuff that we learned from the book, not from the movie. The movie basically told us the opposite of what was true about him. We would have never known this stuff if the author wouldn’t have written in the stream of consciousness. Grendel had many feelings that we did not know about in Beowulf that we learned about in the book. In the movie we got the idea that he was a horrible monster who didn’t care about anything or anyone. Beowulf told the story from the dans point of view not Grendel’s. So by John Gardner choosing to use stream of consciousness we really saw who Grendel was. Grendel seems way more human in the book rather than the movie. â€Å"I laughed my ankle was numb; my leg was on fire to the hip† (page 21). Only a real human could feel pain and sorrow like that. Everyone hated him and wanted him dead because they thought he was such a horrible monster, but he couldn’t help it. He didn’t pick the way he looks; that’s just how he was created. In the end, he was just in so much pain he didn’t know what to do with his life anymore. So that’s why I’m happy that the author choose this form of writing because we understood who he was and what he was. Not just some monster who wanted to kill everyone. If the Danes could have seen him like we did I think that that would have changed their whole look about him. Those are all the reasons why I think that the stream of consciousness was a way better form of writing rather than formal writing. This is also why I think that we see Grendel more human than monster and understood him better. I sympathize him more this way and feel sorry for him because everyone hated him for the way that he looked. I think the author choose this way because he knew that we would understand him more. That’s why if he would have chosen formal writing everything would have been more confusing and hard to understand.

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Attendance monitoring system

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Project Context The advancement of technology today has immersed itself towards education. The presence of technology has reached its maximum of providing sustainable technology towards quality education through delivery and effective learning. [l] The Isabella State University Laboratory High School is one of the public high schools that embrace information and communication technology now. As they immersed themselves with technology through their delivery of lessons and other forms brought about by Information technology.Attendance is very important in every student, a ingle absent is big difference in performance in the school. Mostly students Of high school are prone to absences, it is because Of some reasons that they think it is a boring class, laziness to attend the class, some students prefer going to computer shops playing games rather than entering the class and some student cannot refuse the influence of a friend inviting to go with them during class period.Some of this reasons are not reported to the parents or guardians because the way of informing them is the traditional way which is they inviting the parents through telling the students that the parent need mom to school and communicate with the teacher about the absenteeism of the student. This process takes a long process and sometimes parents are not able to come because of some reasons that the parents are busy at work; they are away from the school and have an important matter to take care of. These are the reason why the parents are not informed about the absenteeism of the students.In this manner, the researchers therefore proposed the Parent Portal and Attendance Monitoring System with Short Message Service (SMS). The design and development of the system consists of two platforms. The first platform is the stand alone or window-based system. The stand alone or window-based system's function is to record attendance. If the student is absent and it is recorded to the stand alone system or window-base system, it will open a form that contains the SMS application that has a function to send a notification to parent that the student is absent.Saving of attendance in the stand alone or window-based system will trigger the second platform which is the parent portal or web- based system to duplicate the recorded attendance of the stand alone or window-based system. In other words, the two platforms will record the attendance simultaneously. The parent portal or web-based system function is to display the recorded attendance. This will allow the registered parents to view the attendance of their own child.The Parent Portal and Attendance Monitoring System with SMS will help the parents to inform about their students. Since there are two platforms that will be develop, informing the parent about the student is also two ways. The first way of informing parent about the attendance of the student is to send a notification using SMS and he second way of inf orming the parent is to access the Parent Portal or web- based system. The Parent Portal and Attendance Monitoring System with SMS provide a fast way of informing the parent anytime many,'here.Purpose and Description of the Study The study is focused on the attendance monitoring of the students in the school through the design and development of a system providing a means of information on the student's inputted grades and attendance of the student's on the school through parent portal and via SMS reminder notification. The study main reason of existence is to send information to the parents. The information composed of the student's attendance to class.The recorded everyday attendance to class is displayed in the parent portal and if absences occur it automatically sent to parents. The system also includes; inputting of students grades and computation of student's average per grading period. With the system providing a user-friendly and effective system provides an easier and faste r view of data of every student such as when the faculty/ adman is mistaken in the input of grades, the system provides the means Of updating the record. The system can retrieve information from the database ND can view anytime.Objective of the Study General Objective: The design and development of Parent Portal and Attendance Monitoring system aims to provide an interface for the parent to monitor their child's attendance to school; specifically has the following functionalities: Window- based System 1 . A system that will record the student's attendance and inputted grade in each subject every grading period. 2. A system that has a web browser feature that will replicate the inputted data in stand-alone system. 3. A system that will create an account for parents to have an access to the parent portal SMS Application 4.Send an SMS to the parents telling them if their son/daughter is absent. Parent Portal 5. A web-based system that will display the inputted records in the stand alon e system. 6. A web-based system that will compute the average of a student per grading period. 7. A web-based system that will display the rank of the student. 8. A web-based system that will print report. Scope and Limitations of the Project The proposed parent portal and attendance monitoring system with SMS is designed and developed for the whole school year 2012-2013 at Isabella State University Laboratory High School.The design and development of the project shall compose of two distinct functionalities such a windows-based system and web-based system. In terms of windows-based system, the system's function is on the recording of class attendances and inputting computed grades. The system also manages the user registration to the system such as; Adman of the Window-based system and Guardian who are the user of the parent portal and receiver of the notifications via SMS- The system provides functionality of recording the individual records of the dents such as attendance and inp utted grade in every grading period in the school.The system also provides a search capability for the user can easily view the student records. The system also provides the functionality of sending notification and reminder via SMS. These notifications are the absences of the student. The reminder will sent to the parents for them to know what is happening to the student. In terms of the parent portal, the services provided the parent, the ability to view the class attendances and computed grades in every quarter and the ranking of their child in entire grading. The parent can also generate report through printing.The performance in terms of grades, attendances, quizzes, participation, assignment/projects and periodical test misconducts in school quarterly are not to be displayed in parent portal. The functional limitation of the project is based on the functional role of the users to the system and web based system. There are two users to the system, the administrator and the pare nt. In terms of the adman, it has the capability to perform the recording as well as the updating the records in terms of the students attendance and computed grade in every quarter.Every update and recording of the student's performance is automatically posted to the Parent Portal. While on the side of the parent, it has the capacity to log in from the web by accessing the web portal. The parents directly view his/ her child performance base on its grades and attendance to school in parent portal. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Related Studies/Theoretical Background There is a significant body of research demonstrating the contribution of parent involvement to student learning.Henderson and Map (2002) reviewed several studies and provided a synthesis of the research findings. The report points to the strong impact of parent involvement on both student achievement and attendance and behavior. Research also indicates that participation declines with grade level, that socioec onomic status and family situation are factors in determining parent involvement and that students want their families to be involved (Epstein, 2002). Perhaps the most widely quoted work is by Epstein (2002) in her model of parent involvement which describes six different categories.Pusher (2007) extends the definition beyond involvement to engagement and argues that engagement is the Lamar of parent connections that truly make a difference for students. Reports in studies are related to project's objective. Since the parent's involvement in the student is very important, the researcher's study is to develop a system that would monitor the students for the parents. All the models speak to the importance of context in understanding parent engagement.While the types of engagement can be described, schools will be successful in working with parents and communities if the staff take time to listen, to understand, and to relate to the families with whom they work Pusher,2007). Each child arrives at school carrying the aspirations of the parent (Marijuana's, 2002), a family background (Bethel, 2004), and the culture of the family community. In this case, researchers must develop a communication between the staffs and the guardians of the students.The Quest for Communities that Work: Sustaining Student Improvement, An International Symposium for Education and Community Leaders, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. (Supplied by author) This report highlights the findings Of a research project with the primary purpose of determining if school nuncios have the ability to influence the rate of parental participation in education, with a particular emphasis on the types of involvement that may lead to improved student learning. The secondary purpose of the research project was to identify the ways in which Notation's parents prefer to be involved in their children's education. Comments) The study concluded that a deliberate focus and activity related to the Epstein framework d id produce a higher level of parental involvement as compared to schools without such a focus. Four recommendations for organizing programs to stimulate parental involvement are made. 1 . Stimulate activity within eight strategic categories of involvement. These are described in the, an extension of the Epstein (2002) model, adding Attending School Events and Fundraising to the model.Experimental research on the use of progress monitoring to enhance student performance has focused primarily on one form of progress monitoring: Curriculum-Based Measurement (CB). Academic areas frequently assessed using CB include reading mathematics, written expression, and spelling. Criteria that describe the measures used as part of CB include valid and liable indicators of generalized performance, short duration to facilitate frequent administration, a focus on direct and repeated measures of student performance, multiple forms that are inexpensive to create and produce, and sensitivity to changes in student achievement over time.Related Studies In a study developed by Wilson Abacas Learn (1 999), on a Proposed Grading System of Subcategories National School of Arts and Trade Sunday Subcategories Squiring, she noted the following: 1 . Slow Grade Computation 2. Time Consuming 3. Inaccuracy grades 4. Bulky Workload For those reasons, she recommends a computerized system: 1 . To reduce the time and effort in computing grades 2. To provide complete processing needed with efficiency and accuracy 3. To provide accurate grades reports. 2] The study violins Abacas Lorraine has the capacity to record the grades of the students but the grades recorded in the system must inform to parents, in this case the researcher's used the widely known World Wide Web to browse the grades of the students and see the top performed students and also, the parents can discuss the grades of the students. In a study of Jennifer C. Cotton (2001), on a Proposed Computerized Student Monitoring System of the Information Technology of University of La Salute Santiago City, she noted the following: 1. Slow data processing 2. Inaccuracy of repost 3.Lost of unrecorded files For those reasons, she recommends a computerized System: 1. TO answer data security and fast, accessing of students information 2. TO lessen document in folder because it will already be placed and stored in diskettes for more secured data storage. 3. To make the job of staff, cashier, faster and more accurate. [3] Jennifer C. Cotton proposed a good system UT it is not well managed. The researcher didn't focus in recording but in disseminating the students' performance because it is the responsibility of the parent for them to know what is happening.CHAPTER Ill TECHNICAL BACKGROUND In this chapter discuss the technicality of the project by which it describes the type of the project to be developed and its functionality. It also represents the type of application development of the project. Technicality of the Project Fig ure 1 . Network Architecture The proponents have used the web 2. 0 because it supports the features of he system like AJAX and JAVA script. The data fetched by an Ajax request is typically formatted in XML or SON (JavaScript Object Notation) format; two widely used structured data formats.Since both of these formats are natively understood by JavaScript it can easily use to transmit structured data in their web application. When this data is received via Ajax, the JavaScript program then uses the Document Object Model (DOOM) to dynamically update the web page based on the new data, allowing for a rapid and interactive user experience. The system works and functions in 3-tier architecture, it imposed Of the presentation layer, application layer and persistence layer. From the diagram below describes the architectural layout of the project. In the diagram it represents the different functionalities of the system.From the presentation layer, the faculty, adman and parent are the sole u ser involve in the system. The application layer is composed of the windows-based system and the web-based system. The window-based system is designed through the use of visual basic. Net application includes the use of a remote modem to send via SMS. While the web-based system is designed using the AJAX development, with CSS tools and other scripting to derive the functionality of the system. On the third layer is the persistence layer in which it is composed of the understanding of the database of all the system developed.Details of Technology to be Use The scope of this section is the discussion on what are the technologies is being used and how did the researcher use these technologies. CAMP 1. 7 or higher Developers will use this as development tool, to allow website designers and programmers to test their work on their own computers without any access to the Internet Myself -pronounced either â€Å"My S-Q-L† or My Sequel,† is an open source relational database man agement system. It is based on the structure query language (SQL), which is used for adding, removing, and modifying information in the database.Standard SQL commands, such as ADD, DROP, INSERT, and UPDATE can be used with Myself. Myself can be used for a variety of applications, but is most commonly found on Web servers. A website that uses Myself may include Web pages that access information from a database. These pages are often referred to as â€Å"dynamic,† meaning the content of each page is generated from a database as the page loads. Websites that use dynamic Web pages are often referred to as database-driven websites. Myself will use by the researcher because it is one of the database that is compatible with the development of the system.HTML -This is the language that Web pages are written in. If you want to create really great Web pages then you will need to learn this. As far as computer languages go this is the easiest to learn. You can create a Web page without it using a Web page editing program but the program will still use HTML to create the page. [4] CSS;Cascading style sheets re used to format the layout of Web pages. They can be used to define text styles, table sizes, and other aspects of Web pages that previously could only be defined in a page's HTML. CSS helps Web developers create a uniform look across several pages of a Web site.. Http://www. Etceteras. Com/definition/CSS] JavaScript-Like Java, this is a programming language designed by Sun Microsystems, in conjunction with Netscape that can be integrated into standard HTML pages. While JavaScript is based on the Java syntax, it is a scripting language, and therefore cannot be used to create stand-alone orgasm. Instead, it is used mainly to create dynamic, interactive Web pages. For example, Web developers can use JavaScript to validate form input, create image rollovers, and to open those annoying pop-up windows. Like so many other things, we have to take the good with the ba d.AJAX- stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This is the latest technology on web development that allows the user to interact with the links without reloading the page. IV. Net-(Visual Basic . NET) is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft. It is the . NET version of the Visual Basic (IV) regaining language. Like all . NET languages, IV. NET uses the Common Language Runtime (CLC) for program execution. IV. NET is substantially different from traditional Visual Basic, which has been the most popular language for developing Windows applications.Modem- device that enables computers, facsimile machines, and other equipment to communicate with each other across telephone lines or over cable television network cables. In the strictest sense, a modem is a device that converts between analog signals, such as sound waves, and digital signals, which are used by computers. However, the term has also come to include devices that permit the transmission of entirely digita l signals. Cellular Phone-A portable telephone that uses wireless cellular technology to send and receive phone signals. This technology works by dividing the Earth into small regions called cells.Within each cell the wireless telephone signal goes over its assigned bandwidth to a cell tower, which relays the signal to a telephone switching network, connecting the user to the desired party. [6] How the Project will Work? To disseminate the information on the parents, the projects works in a client based system. It shows how the project work and how the process done in all layers. From the presentation layer, where the client's interface or the parents, to application layer, where the administrator or the staff of the faculty, to persistence layer or the database layer of the system, the system is being explained in further details.There are two kinds of system to be used view the information; through SMS and through Web Portal. It means that there are also TV'0 presentation layers, two application layers and two persistence layers. As you can see above figure, there are two users which are the parents, two application areas which are the application server of the window base application and the hobnobbing server and two database servers. To disseminate information on the parents, data and information must gather beforehand to record or save in the database of the system and ready to be viewed by the parents.In order to collect data, the adman records the student grades every grading period to the system after able to collect all the grades from their subject teacher. One distinct feature of the system is that it automatically sends notification or reminder to the parent via SMS whenever his child incurs absences in school. It also automatically updates the record from the parent portal whenever there are updates made from the system. On the side Of the web-based system, the adman can therefore reply back to all query posted from the web portal by the parents.M ETHODOLOGY Requirement Specification Operational Feasibility Fishbone Diagram One of the most effective method to track the root cause or problem of the agency or at the area were the study were taken which is the school, fishbone method is being used because researcher can determine what problems are going to solve when the system is being implemented. The diagram below wows what are the data gathered by the researchers. It shows the cause and effect of the current system of the school. Figure 2.Fishbone Diagram of the Project Functional Decomposition Diagram FED is a diagram that shows the breakdown structure in smallest component of the system that the researchers going to develop after studying analyzing the data that are gathered in feasibility and planning phase. This will help track the functionalities of the system and let you know the features that can are being added into the system. This diagram shows all the processes of the system. It will help the searchers on creating DEED because it is similar to context diagram that all processes are being displayed in one diagram. Attendance Monitoring System This advancement and improvement however, requires us to follow it. Like Countries for example, Countries need to cope in the technological change this advancement brings in order to Stay relevant. But Of course some countries however are less fortunate, just look at our country, the Philippines. The Philippines is a, let's admit it, a poor country. Governed by poor officials. This results in a lackluster change Technologically speaking and thus, leaves the Philippines in the dust when it comes to technological advancement. Compared to other far more advanced countries, our Country pales in imprison.This gap in technological advancement results in mediocre establishments, businesses, public schools etc. But what is the reason for this? The Government is one thing, but there has to be another reason on why our Country lacks or let's say falls behind in regards to Technology. We need to look a little deeper, first of all, we lack funds, investments, we are just mere followers and we ar e not the innovators, at least, technologically speaking. In order to overcome this however, even by at least by a small margin, we need to start from the bottom. It all starts with the employees,Better employees Better and much more work done. Looks simple enough, but I think this is where we need to start. How do we make the employees better though? By their attendance. Attendance is an integral part to know if your employee is working at a high level or if they are working enough. At first glance, this may sound easy enough. Some will probably say that checking an employees attendance is easy, but with our current manual systems, is it accurate? As stated above, we are technologically behind than other countries, they are probably using automated systems that eases the job of everybody.While here, most, but of course NOT ALL of the establishments and companies are using manual systems that takes a lot of time and effort. Now, THAT is where this system comes in. Background of the Study As stated in our long introduction above, the technological gap between the Philippines and other Countries serves as the backbone and the background of this study. Of course this helps out in our study, and is the main reason we aim to do this system. Statement of objectives Our objective is simple, ease the work done, but also improving the work and increasing the work done overall.