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How to Create an Event Registration Website With WordPress (4 Steps)

One of the most troublesome pieces of arranging an occasion is getting individuals to RSVP. Whats more, you have to monitor whos coming and who isnt, and update that data intermittently. It bodes well to mechanize that procedure however much as could reasonably be expected, which is the reason you may require an occasion enrollment website.With a devoted occasions webpage, you should simply stay up with the latest. At that point, clients can pursue the occasions they need to go to at their own comfort. With the correct occasion the board module, individuals who sign up can even get programmed updates, and you can get quick warnings about new registrations.In this article, were going to discuss what your occasion enlistment site may resemble. At that point well tell you the best way to make one utilizing WordPress, in only four stages. Lets get moving! Your necessities may change, yet the fundamental highlights any occasion enlistment site will require include:A schedule that shows th e date of your event(s)Functionality that empowers guests to join, register, or RSVP (or possibly buy tickets)A path for clients to get updates and email affirmation in regards to their sign-upsDatabase usefulness, empowering your webpage to monitor enrollments for youIf you set it up right, an occasion enlistment site ought to have the option to work absent a lot of oversight. You should simply include new occasions varying, and verify what number of individuals have enrolled before every one. Obviously, first youll need to set up the webpage itself.How to make an occasion enrollment site (in 4 steps)Creating any sort of site requires some investment and exertion, and it assists with having a major picture thought of the assignments that will be required. In the following barely any areas, well walk you through the four primary strides to building your occasion enlistment site, and point you towards certain assets and instruments that can help.Step 1: Select a facilitating provider Any time you dispatch another site, youll need to locate the privilege facilitating supplier and plan. Not all suppliers offer similarly solid administrations, and picking one aimlessly or dependent on the most minimal value you find can backfire.Ideally, the web have you pick will:Provide you with a significant level of performanceInclude a solid emotionally supportive network, on the off chance that you run into any issuesOffer a wide scope of plansSince youre going to utilize WordPress, it additionally bodes well to search for a host that offers WordPress-explicit highlights. Weve expounded broadly on the most proficient method to pick the ideal WordPress have previously, so you might need to look at that control before proceeding onward. What's more, dont neglect to buy an area name for your occasions webpage while youre at it.Step 2: Install WordPress at your hostNext, you have to set up your WordPress site. In the event that you utilize a WordPress-accommodating web have, it m ay introduce WordPress for you when you pursue an arrangement. Then again, you may gain admittance to a straightforward a single tick establishment process.However, as a rule youll need to introduce the WordPress programming yourself. Dont stress, however †its a quite basic procedure. Previously, weve secured four strategies for introducing WordPress, which gives you a ton of alternatives. Basically pick the best methodology for your circumstance, and proceed onward to the subsequent stage once youve signed into your fresh out of the plastic new site.Step 3: Choose the ideal subject for your occasion enlistment websiteWordPress topics decide your locales look and design, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There are topics intended for explicit kinds of sites (such asâ real domain destinations or online shops), and multipurpose subjects that you can use for fundamentally anything.Choosing a WordPress topic can be overwhelming, since you have such huge numbers of choices. No twithstanding, whats most significant is that the topic you pick for your occasion enrollment site should:Receive steady updatesSupport mobile-accommodating plan, since most potential participants will probably be perusing your occasions on their versatile devicesHave superb appraisals and reviewsYou can likewise consider choosing a devoted occasions topic, since these regularly incorporate usefulness that will prove to be useful. This isnt vital, be that as it may, since you can include all the highlights youll need through a module (more on this in the last advance). Whats most significant is to pick a subject with the correct style, and heaps of customization alternatives so you can make your site genuinely unique.Step 4: Install a WordPress occasion the executives pluginWhile WordPress offers a great deal of usefulness out of the case, it doesnt accompany any occasion explicit highlights worked in. Luckily, you can fix that by introducing the privilege plugin. Ideally, youll need to search for an occasion the executives module that empowers you to set up schedules, handle recruits, and send notices and updates as needed.There are a lot of choices, however a decent spot to begin is with The Events Calendar. This instrument empowers you to make and tweak schedules, include the same number of occasions as youd like, indicate costs and scenes, and that's just the beginning: The Events Calendar Author(s): Modern Tribe, Inc.Current Version: 4.9.10Last Updated: October 16, 2019the-occasions calendar.4.9.10.zip 88%Ratings 19,102,609Downloads WP 4.7+Requires The base variant of this module is free, and setting it up is straightforward. Subsequently, its an astounding pick on the off chance that you need to get your occasion enrollment site off the ground quickly.If youre searching for another option, were likewise huge aficionados of WP Event Manager: WP Event Manager Author(s): WP Event ManagerCurrent Version: 3.1.9Last Updated: September 7, 2019wp-occasion manager.zip 94%Ratings 70,935Downloads WP 4.1+Requires This module offers indistinguishable fundamental highlights from The Events Calendar, however gives you extra choices with regards to overseeing RSVPs. Whats more, getting it set up and designed is an easy process.Since the two instruments are free, marry prescribe testing them each out to discover how they work. When youve chose a module, you can get the chance to work adding occasions to your new website!ConclusionThese days, it doesnt bode well to sit around idly overseeing reservations or occasion RSVPs by hand, when you can have a program do it for you. With WordPress, you can undoubtedly set up an occasion enlistment site where individuals can discover all the data they need, and sign up at any time.Whats more, it just finds a way to make your own occasion enrollment website:Pick the correct web host.Get WordPress up and running.Choose the ideal subject for your occasion website.Install a WordPress occasion the executives module. Figure out how to make an occasion enrollment #website utilizing #WordPress. #tutorial Click To Tweet Do you have any inquiries concerning how to set up an occasion enrollment site utilizing WordPress? Ask away in the remarks area below!Free guide5 Essential Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress SiteReduce your stacking time by even 50-80% just by following straightforward tips.

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First Person Ranks First: John Mccain a War Point of View

Is it progressively critical to concentrate on the master plan in War? Doing so is disregard the 58,000 fighters who gave their lives in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War is frequently observed as a muddled piece of our history in the United States. This contention in certain Americans minds was a war of morals, a war of good and bad. The United States entered the war so as to attempt to forestall the consistent butcher of Southern Vietnamese individuals. What we can realize is the thing that lies in the accounts of the various individuals who were associated with the war. The executing of the Southern Vietnamese represented a moral issue for the United States. The U. S. saw it important to get included. The majority included male or female were children, little girls, guardians, companions, and companions to other people. What is significant in this war is for us is to comprehend the encounters of the restricting residents and fighters included. We as a general rule neglect the individual encounters and parts of the individuals engaged with the war. In John McCain’s Faith of My Fathers and Nguyen Qui Duc’s La Fin d’un Cauchemar we can see the encounters of an American (McCain) and a Vietnamese family. Understanding these people’s perspectives can be the most significant exercise learned. Ones view of the Vietnam War is regularly and handily slanted by outside sources, for example, media and motion pictures. The individual records of the individuals who were really associated with the war permit us the privilege to a superior comprehension. The two restricting viewpoints in these accounts help their perusers value the gravity of the conditions for the individuals in question. The torment, savagery, and partition that these stories return to assist us with bettering comprehend the Vietnam War. In the extract from Faith of Our Fathers, John McCain retells his record of the Vietnam War while he was a captive. McCain’s account shows its crowd an alternate side of the war. John McCain was a maritime pilot in the Vietnam War. He flew in 23 besieging missions over North Vietnam. Going before his twenty-third crucial was killed, caught, and was tormented as a wartime captive for five and a half years. (Kennedy, 2002, p. 249) Throughout the course of these years he was brutalized and beaten genuinely and intellectually. Representative McCain’s experience under the insurrection of his captors developed his assessment of the crooked ramifications of torment. â€Å"Vietnam disregarded its commitments to abuse the Americans they held detainee, guaranteeing that we were occupied with an unlawful war against them and along these lines not qualified for the securities of the Geneva Conventions. † (McCain, 1999, p. 376) McCain’s account told from his first individual point see furnishes its crowd with a soldier’s viewpoint. In Faith of Our Fathers customizes the Vietnam War with his encounters as a POW. The officers in McCain’s story go about as a model case of a United States Soldier in Vietnam. â€Å"I will always remember that I am an American, battling for opportunity, liable for my activities, and committed to the standards which made my nation free†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (McCain, 1999, p. 376) John McCain exemplified these qualities from the United States Code of Conduct for American Prisoners of War. His story remains as a portrayal of the fearlessness that the warriors conveyed during the war. The sickening depiction of torment managed to both McCain and his individual compatriots’ shows the savagery that went on. The record of Lance Sijan, a Captain in the Air Force, is especially convincing to the crowd. He was shot down in Vietnam supporting a few wounds. Not long after, he was caught by Viet Cong. â€Å"Interrogated a few times, he wouldn't utter a word. He was brutally beaten for his silence†¦and hit with a bamboo club. † (McCain, 1999, p. 383) Despite the proceeded with misuse that was set on Sijan he would not give up his reliability to his nation. The manner in which he and numerous different warriors acted regardless of these conditions shows an alternate side of the war. A side that differs from the basic impression of a Vietnam trooper as being unusual and unhinged. These officers were devoted to their motivation and their nation. John McCain’s atypical account stems a superior comprehension of the Vietnam War for our age. Much like and entirely different than Faith of Our Fathers, La Fin d’un Cauchemar by Nguyen Qui Duc shows an alternate side of the Vietnam War that produces an alternate regard and comprehension for the war itself. In La Fin d’un Cauchemar recounts to the account of a Vietnamese family, more critically, the Vietnamese dad and how his detainment in North Vietnam has an effect on the family. Duc’s father was detained for more than 12 years. During this timeframe Nguyen’s family battled in the socialist lead society. La Fin d’un Cauchemar shows the encounters of a Vietnamese family in the light of what was happening around them. The Duc family stands illustrative of battling Vietnamese families during the Vietnam War. Nguyen’s family was troubled with persecution, disease, and a detained father. Following two years of not knowing the prosperity or whereabouts of her dad, Nguyen’s mother got a letter with the data that her better half was alive and detained in a North Vietnamese POW camp. Nguyen’s mother â€Å"†¦fought for two months to get a grant to visit [her] father, and afterward stand by similarly as long to get train tickets on the underground market. † (Duc, 1994, p. 419) The socialist legislature of Vietnam directed her family’s each move. The Vietnamese were seriously mistreated. Following Nguyen’s moms appearance of her dad, the family was overloaded by disease and discontent. Nguyen’s mother invested energy and cash visiting her dad and in doing so harmed herself. Nguyen’s mothers’ lower leg injury got contaminated and simultaneously her sister was dieing of kidney disappointment. Nguyen’s family was burdened with issues. Nguyen Qui Duc’s story demonstrates us an elective side to the war. One that didn’t manage fighters or fight. Duc’s once in a while described perspective places the peruser in the point of view of the Vietnamese non military personnel. Our sentiments are regularly contorted by outside sources. Outlets like motion pictures slant our comprehension of issues like the Vietnam War. Michael Medved (2005) a broadly coordinated radio anchor person, writer of 10 books, and film pundit says that â€Å"It is unquestionably increasingly regular in contemporary war films, paying little mind to the contention being portrayed, for the three components of the great war film to be flipped completely around. U. S. troops are almost certainly to be depicted as wiped out, twisted, and unbalanced regardless, altogether different from typical Americans. † (Medved, 2005, p. 53) Movies, a significant hotspot for our generation’s information and commonality of the Vietnam War, need validity and end up being conflicting. Duc’s story is one not in any case addressed in films. Regularly motion pictures are shot through the eyes of the American officers. The point of view of the Vietnamese individuals is never seen. Singular first individual records furnish us with a solid point of view of insiders that motion pictures can't. These two Vietnam accounts show alternate points of view of the Vietnam War. One being the perspective of an American warrior and the other being a Vietnamese family. The individual encounters of these characters help us to comprehend the war itself. Our age can gain from these encounters by perusing and recognizing the direct retellings of Vietnam. These accounts offer a genuine point of view of the Vietnam War, vastly different from that of the turned and glamorized Hollywood edge. First individual Vietnam stories are the most shrewd and stately bits of authentic setting we can acquire. While is important to perceive the greater plan of things it is critical to comprehend the points of view of the people required on the two sides, so as to put the Vietnam War itself in context. Reference Kennedy, C (2002). Profiles in Courage for Our Time. New York: Hyperion Books. McCain J. and Salter M. 2006) Preface from Faith of My Fathers. In K. Ratcliffe (Ed. ), Critical Literacies (third ed. , p 374-387) Boston: Pearson Custom. (Reproduced from Faith of My Fathers, (1999), Random House, Inc. Copyright 1999 by John McCain. ) Medved, M. , (2005). They don’t make war motion pictures like they used to. USA Today, 134, 52-55. Nguyen Qui Du’c. (2006). La Fin d’un Cauchemar. In K. Ratcliffe (Ed. ), Critical Literacies (thi rd ed. , p 418-425) Boston: Pearson Custom. (Reproduced from Where the Ashes are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese Family (1994), by Permission of the Author)

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8 Great Companies for Earning Extra Cash

8 Great Companies for Earning Extra Cash 8 Great Companies for Earning Extra Cash 8 Great Companies for Earning Extra CashWant to earn some more money, but aren’t super into the idea of getting a full-on second job? Two bosses, two timecards, two sets of annoying company “guidelines” to memorize? No thanks.Lucky for you, it’s 2017. Thanks to a whole host of different apps and website, running a side hustle has never been easier. You can walk dogs, deliver food, drive people aroundthe choices are pretty much endless.Here’s a list of eight companies that make earning extra income as hassle free as it can be.1.       @CareDotComDo you have some spare nights and weekends and knack for babysitting or dog walking? Then you should create a profile on Care.com and look for caregiver gigs in your area! Care.com [www.Care.com] makes the search and hiring process much easier for folks on both sides of the equation.   Categories of care featured on the site included tutors, daycare, nannies, adult and senior care, pet sitters and housekeepers.2.       @LyftGrab your self a piece of the sharing economy by becoming a driver with Lyft [www.Lyft.com]. You can get started by downloading their app and creating a driver profile. The company will then do background and DMV checks before giving you the greenlight to start picking up passengers. You keep a portion of the ride fees and 100% of your tips, plus you’ll get insurance coverage through Lyft while you’re driving. Take advantage of surge pricing to make your rides go even further!3.       @RoverDotComThis is a great way to earn extra income if you work from home or have a nontraditional schedule. (Oh and liking dogs is also pretty important.) Through Rover.com [www.Rover.com], you can sign up to work as a dog walker or sitter. All qualified applications need to do is create a profile and connect with pet parents in their area that are in need of assistance. If you love dogs, but don’t have the flexibility to walk them regularly, why not get paid to have one stay at your house while its owne rs are out of town on vacation? Plus, general liability coverage and 24/7 support (including vet assistance) is provided.4.       @AirbnbDo you have an extra room in your home that’s just sitting idle? Well, you can turn that room into income by renting it out to travelers through AirBnB   [www.Airbnb.com]. If you’re really serious about your earning potential, you could even rent out your entire home and stay over with friendsâ€"although it would be polite to give them a cut. AirBnB is a leader in the sharing economy. Create a host profile today and start connecting with travelers looking to save money by steering clear of expensive hotels.5.       @TaskRabbitWith so many families needing two full-time incomes nowadays to make things work, it’s not surprising that theyre willing to pay to get smaller tasks taken care of. If you have skills as a cleaner or a handyman, you can sign up for TaskRabbit [www.TaskTabbit.com] and start getting paid to do your neighbor’s chores and repairs. Heck, you don’t even need special skills for some of these tasksâ€"like packing boxes, building furniture, or running errands. Extra time and energy will serve you just fine.6.       @UpworkThis is a great site to find work if you have skills as a writer, web developer, or even as a customer service rep. Businesses all over the countryâ€"especially small onesâ€"need help writing copy, creating websites or social media pages, and handling the extra customer loads during busy seasons. With UpWork [www.Upwork.com], you can create a profile for your services and then connect with businesses that need help. The site covers many different categories of work and can provide help with invoicing and payments.7.       @WyzantTutoring is one of those few ancient professions that is still in high demand. Kids are always going to need help with their more difficult subjects. If you have a bunch of knowledge from chemistry, math and English classes that’s just sitting around in your brain gathering dust, why not put it good use and earn some extra dough? Create a profile on Wyzant [www.Wyzant.com] and get in touch with parents in your area whose kid’s need help studying. You can work according to your schedule, and Wyzant will help you track your time and payments to make sure you get properly compensated.8.       @PostmatesIf people are willing to pay to have stuff delivered, then that means you can earn money being the one who delivers it. Postmates [www.Postmates.com] is a company that lets folks order food and groceries from any restaurant or any store and have them brought right to their door. You don’t even have to have a car to work with them, you can do it on a bike or on foot. (Of course, having a car means you’ll be able to accept more gigs.) This is a great gig for people who can work on nights and weekends since that’s when most people are ordering food or other goods.If you want to learn more about starting a side hustle, check out our inte rview with Nick Loper, founder of Side Hustle Nation.

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Post-Cold War Period Causes of Conflict Essay - 1706 Words

Post-Cold War Period Causes of Conflict The end of the Cold War meant that the ideological conflict of dominance between East (Soviet Union and Eastern Europe) and West (USA and Western Europe) was over. Contrary to the expectations that world would be much safer in the post-Cold War, United States and Soviet Union were faced with new security issues that they did not know how to deal with. The objective of this essay is to show that with all these changes that occurred with the end of the Cold War, causes of the conflict indeed altered from the classic ones. First the end of the Cold War and the changes in the world order that followed will be outlined. Secondly, the increase in wars within†¦show more content†¦Snow (1991, p.44) states that [i]n simpler days during Cold War, possession of nuclear weapons was thought to provide the possessors with the special power, that could be translated into usable influence in the international system. This means that some conflicts were kept under control because the world was ruled by bipolar system (USA and Soviet Union). However, conflicts were not absent during this period, but the parties in a conflict would often seek assistance from one of the superpowers and hence strengthen the conception of a bipolar world (e.g. the Vietnam War). With the end of the Cold War this system transformed into a multipolar system wh ere new conflicts emerged. As Mearsheimer states, key elements in the Long Peace was bipolarity, an equal balance of military power and nuclear weapons. (Mearsheimer 1990,Why We Will Soon Miss The Cold War). This factor was now no longer present, although some scholars argue that this era is characterised by unipolarism (i.e. US hegemony), rather than multipolarism. From wars between states to wars withinstates The vast majority of conflicts before and during the Cold War were between states. In the post-Cold War period the number of interstate wars decreased, and new threats occurred, such as ethnic conflicts, rise of nationalism, global threats to the environment and terrorism. These were dominant factors thatShow MoreRelatedWorld Events And Trends Can Be Analyzed Through The Three Levels Of Analysis1511 Words   |  7 Pagestheir personalities affect the outcomes of conflict (Rourke, 65). State level factors discuss the actions of the state and the causes for its internal policies (Rourke, 78). Also, the system level of analysis, emphasizes the conditions of the world during an event, this can include factors such as power, technology and economics)(Rourke, 91). All of these together form a picture of how events unfold. The periods of the Cold War and the Post-Cold War period are not fully comparable by the standardsRead MoreTo What Extent was the Cold war Caused by Ideological Diffe rences?1709 Words   |  7 PagesThe Cold War, a period of sustained political and military tension between the USA and the USSR, resulted in various viewpoints concerning the cause of the tension emerging. Until today the question remains unresolved, even after the 1991 release of Soviet archives. The main point of disagreement relates to the roles that ideology played in the events between 1945 and 1949. Was it the strongly opposing ideologies, capitalism and communism, or power and material interest that drove both superpowersRead MoreEssay on Examining the Possible Causes of the Cold War1309 Words   |  6 PagesThe causes of the Cold War and how it developed into one of the largest unarmed struggles in history have been subject to much debate and consequently a number of schools of thought have developed as to the origins of the Cold War. These proposed explanations to the causes of the Cold War have consisted of the orthodox, revisionist and post-revisionist theories. Each t heory demonstrates a different viewpoint as to how a variety of political, economic and militaristic factors instigated the Cold WarRead MoreThe Cold War : A New History By John Lewis Gaddis1690 Words   |  7 PagesConflict of political ideologies is something that was present since the dawn of American history. The American revolt against the arrogant, totalitarian regime set a precedent for the future events in which the nation came together to oppose anything that went against the concept of democracy, and capitalism. Communism, or Marxism posed as a huge threat to the free mined Western societies, thus resulting in world wars that left perilous aftermaths, and bred an ongoing conflict between the two globalRead MoreThe Military Of American Army Downsizing1445 Words   |  6 PagesWorld War I and World War II, when the Great Depression made military preparedness a very low national priority. The Army’s downsizing effect put its readiness in an uncertain environment. A rmy downsizing and failure to maintain a suitable balance in combat readiness would degrade America’s ability to respond to future threats to its interests. The Historical Background of American Army Downsizing Since the birth of the US, the Army repeatedly downsized its force following major conflicts. TheRead MoreThe Cold War Between Communism And Communism1721 Words   |  7 PagesThe Cold War The conflict in ideologies between capitalism and communism resulted in one of the greatest conflicts of the twentieth century. The belief that freedom and democracy would die under communist rule caused the United States to start a conflict that would last for decades. The decisions made by the United States in W.W.II caused tensions to rise between the U. S. and the Soviet Union. Fear of Communism in capitalist nations, caused the United states government to use propaganda to raiseRead MoreThe Cold War : A Conflict Between Capitalist And Communist Nations Of The World989 Words   |  4 PagesThe Cold War was a conflict between the capitalist and communist nations of the world that lasted from the end of World War 2 into the 1990 s. Problems created by the Cold War still exist today, although many of the combat countries do not directly. Capitalist nations are sometimes referred to as the First world, communist nations are often called the Second world, and the developing nations o f Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia are often referred to the Third world. The Cold War wasRead MoreThe Vietnam War And The Cold War1494 Words   |  6 Pages When examining the Vietnam War you must first understand the involvement of the events surrounding the Cold War. The ‘Vietnam War’ as it is known is a product of the cold war era, by this I mean that events in the Cold War led to the US’s involvement and creation of issues causing the conflict. â€Å"The Vietnam War was a long, costly armed conflict that pitted the communist regime of North Vietnam and its southern allies, known as the Viet Cong, against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the UnitedRead MoreCanada And The Cold War1514 Words   |  7 Pages Canada and the Cold War The Cold War is a time of managed political and military coercion and turmoil between the superpowers. It was a war that actually wasn t your common war. There were numerous military aircraft flying over the nations dropping bombs, no tanks no ground troops, no really organization of rockets, and no ground troops. Then again, there were a stockpile of atomic weapons, cash was being spent like a really war was being battled, purposeful publicity, there were two superpowerRead MoreUnited States And Soviet Union1221 Words   |  5 PagesFollowing World War II there was a lot of tension between two of the Allied countries. The United States and the Soviet Union were in a state of political and military tension with each other. Opposing ideologies on how to deal with the world’s affairs post World War II fueled this rivalry but there was always a tension between the two countries. World War II, with its common goal, brought these two countries together as allies. With Hitler and t he Nazis threating their way of living these two countries

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A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Online Grocery Store

A Study on Consumer Perception towards Online Grocery Store By Himanshu S Mishra Submitted In fulfillment of the requirement for the degree Masters in International Management To Institu d Administration des Enterprises Greater Noida Campus, India University of Poitiers, France April, 2013 DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project report titled â€Å"A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Online Grocery Store†, under the guidance of Prof: Debjani Bhattacharyais my work submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of MASTERS IN INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT from INSTITU ADMINISTRATION DES ENTERPRISES, Poitiers and not submitted for the award of any degree, diploma, fellowship or any†¦show more content†¦Research Objectives 14 3.2 Research Scope 14 3.3 Research Design and Methodology 14 3.4 Sampling 14 3.5 Questionnaire Design 15 Analysis and Findings 17 4.1 Demographic observations 17 4.2 Questionnaire Analysis 21 Chapter 5 33 CONCLUSION 33 5.1 Summary 33 5.2 Limitations 33 5.3 Revisiting objectives 33 5.4 Major Findings 34 5.5 Future Scope 34 5.6 Recommendation 35 5.7 Conclusion 35 Bibliography: 40 Reference Links: 40 Web Links 40 List of Figures Figure 1: Gender Distribution 18 Figure 2: Age distribution of sample 19 Figure 3: Occupation of sample 20 Figure 4: Average Annual Income of sample 21 Figure 5 : Popularity of online items 22 Figure 6: amount of money spent on online shopping 23 Figure 7: Need of shopping online 24 Figure 8: Features of websites attracting users 25 Figure 9: Features effecting the most satisfaction 26 Figure 10: Issues considered while shopping online 28 Figure 11: Shops preferredShow MoreRelatedConsumer Perceptions Towards E Grocery Market1396 Words   |  6 PagesINSTITUTE OF ADVANCED MANAGEMENT STUDIES RESEARCH REPORT ON Consumer perceptions towards â€Å"Flipkart† going into grocery market. Submitted by - Naman Srivastava (PG2015 - 30) Abstract –In the growing economy like India where 402million users of internet exits, which facilitates online transaction between business entities and consumer for various product and services. As market penetration of internet is rising which leads to the growth of e-grocery sector in India. Social mediaRead MoreThe Spread Of Internet Usage1725 Words   |  7 Pagesthe retail sector. As can be seen, many retailers began to use online channels, as they take advantage of one of the most successful platforms of trade (Limayem et al., 2000; Levy and Weitz, 2001; Shim et al., 2001). The growth of new online shopping channels catches the attention of consumers who have become excited to try this new platform. Although Internet shopping channels seem to be growing, the growth of grocery shopping via online has been slower than other forms of retail (Yan and OpperwalRead MoreReliance Fresh Project Reports1678 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"CONSUMER PERCEPTION AND THEIR BUYING BEHAVI OUR TOWARDS â€Å"RELIANCE FRESH† SUPERMARKETS NEW DELHI, INDIA.† Chapter 1: Introduction Reliance Retail: Retailing is the interface between the producer and the individual consumer buying for personal consumption. This excludes direct interface between the manufacturer and institutional buyers such as the government and other bulk customers. A retailer is one who stocks the producer’s goods and is involved in the act ofRead MoreSafeway Analysis1625 Words   |  7 Pagestheir margins. Grocery competition exists locally, since there is only so far that consumers are willing to travel to fulfill their needs, so if a firm can dominate a market with minimal competing operators it will enhance its profitability. †¢ Safeway operates 1,743 stores (as of the end of 2007) across the Western, Midwestern and mid-Atlantic regions of the US and Western Canada. In addition to its self-titled supermarkets, it also operates a number of independent grocery stores acquired sinceRead MoreColes Key Issues on Commercial Food Production1089 Words   |  4 Pages COLES Coles(Company Background) Coles is owned by the Australian corporation wesfarmers.It was founded in 1914.This chain store has 742 stores which are all over australia.Coles employee more than 100000 employees and has huge share on australian retail supermarket. Introduction Australia is famous for fresh food supermarkets and here in australia two retails giantsRead MoreTesco Online Marketing Research in Thailands Markets2543 Words   |  11 PagesAssignment 1 – 50% Marketing Research Proposal – Individual Assignment Tesco-Online Thailand’s Failure to Penetrate Thai Markets Marketing Proposal Student Name: Weerapat Bhattharadheerakul Student ID: S00805162 Course Title: Digital Marketing Research Instructors Name: Gabriella Kerezturi Regent’s University London November 2014 Content Page Title Page 1 Table of contents 2 Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 4 a. IndustryRead MoreConsumer Perception Towards Online Grocery Store2982 Words   |  12 Pages(airlinetickets, railway tickets, hotel bookings, online mobile recharge etc.).Online retailing comprises about 15%. India has close to 10 million online shoppers and isgrowing at an estimated 40-45% per annum.The rapid growth of e-commerce in India is being driven by greater customer choice andimproved convenience.The project was undertaken under the supervision of Nirala Imex Inc who currently has theirbusiness operation in Taiwanese market in selling of Indian grocery items to the localretailers amp; wholesalerRead MoreIT Strategy for New Supermarket in Huddersfield, UK3343 Words   |  13 Pagesmassive chain of retail stores across a vast area. Opening up a single grocery location now depends more on just the strategy to direct operations. It includes a wide variety of IT strategies meant to brand, market, and capitalize on the locations best attributes. All grocery markets, big and small, must have an online presence, utilizing new innovations like social media and search engine optimization (SEO) in order to best capture a new market of ever-evolving consumers and compete to stay relevantRead MoreResearch Project29890 Words   |  120 PagesEmpirical study of grocery stores in Umea. Authors: Chingang Nde Daniel Lukong Paul Berinyuy Supervisor: Sofia Isberg Student Umeà ¥ School of Business Spring semester 2010 Master thesis, one-year, 15 hp Abstract Service quality and customer satisfaction are very important concepts that companies must understand in order to remain competitive in business and hence grow. It is very important for companies to know how to measure these constructs from the consumers’ perspectiveRead MoreThe Success Of Sam Walton1702 Words   |  7 PagesArkansas as the owner of a franchise store called Ben Franklin (Shenron, 2009). Six years later Walton relocated the store to the town square of Bentonville, Arkansas and renamed it Walton’s Five and Dime. By 1962, Walton’s innovational management style empowered him to open a second store just seven miles down the road in Rogers, Arkansas. Before the year was out, Walton owned eleven stores locally. He was driven by â€Å"his vision of a discount retail store in rural areas† (Biography.com Editors

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The Factors Affecting Insomia Free Essays

Surveys in industrialized western countries found that in any one year, about one-third of the adult population say they have some degree of Insomnia. 34 doctors said that about 12% of their patients complain of sleep disturbance (Lack and Thorn 1991). They also sound that 33% of adults reported difficulty sleeping, and 11% said they has problems sleeping at least frequently. We will write a custom essay sample on The Factors Affecting Insomia or any similar topic only for you Order Now Other research indicates that 75% of people with chronic insomnia who seek treatment at clinics or are poor sleepers blame the sleep problems on stressful life events ( Kales, 1984). Even though the information from Kales seems like a high estimate, it appears likely that chronic insomnia often develops from emotionally transient or short-term insomnia. Insomnia can be looked at as total lack of sleep but others say it†s a sleep disorder. Allen (1991) believes that insomnia is not a disorder but a symptom or a group of symptoms. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep, frequently and prolonged gross physical or psychological pathology. This is said to be one of the most common sleep disturbances. Insomnia is the opposite form of sleep disturbance and it may be an associated with a variety of pathological conditions. There are different kinds of insomnia: 1) Transient insomnia which is a sleep complaint that has been present for only a few nights, 2) Short-term insomnia a condition that last for six or eight weeks; and 3) Chronic insomnia which are symptoms that have been occurring for years. (Mant Bearpark, 1990) Some drugs and behaviors can result in or worsen sleep problems, such as drinking caffeine-containing beverages, smoking and alcohol intake before going to bed. Varying bedtimes from night to night and changing work shifts are other lifestyle factors that can undermine sleep quality (Searle, 1998). Environmental factors such as noise from passing traffic, airplanes, neighbors stereo blasting aloud, too much light in a room and extreme temperature can disturb sleep. This disorder or just lack of sleep can be look at as some sort of Insomnia. Insomnia often present as one or more of the following: difficulty in getting to sleep, general sleep disturbance, and early morning awakening. Sleep in this case may not be shortened, but disrupted. However, if this becomes severe such disruption causes excessive daytime sleepiness (Horne, 1988). Coats and Thoresen (1984) designed a study to find out whether daytime thoughts and behavior are associated with good and poor sleep. The subjects in the study were two teachers with heavy daytime stress and insomnia. The goal of the study was to determine whether day or night sleeping brings about more cases of insomnia. They found a correlation between the amount of the subject†s actual sleep and mood the next day. This consisted of recordings for the subjects sleeping at nights, including individuals who to paid close attention to the subject†s teaching during that time, and a breakdown of subject†s thoughts and feelings as recorded on the tapes. In the results, the researchers found a connection between the daily actions (mood, stress-related behaviors and negative statements) and actual sleep relating to the complaint of lack of sleep (Coates Thorensen, 1984). Behavioral assessments can be a good way of treating insomniacs has shown in the previous study. Friedman, Bootzin, Hazelwood, and Tsao (1992) conducted a study to observe whether behavioral treatments can work for older adults with insomnia. The age group of these participants ranged from 46 to 76. They included experimental conditions for support and sleep hygiene, stimulus control and a control group. The results of the study reveal that all groups were capable of improving assessed awakenings, naptime, and a feeling of euphoria after waking up. The subjects at week 3 felt less depressed and slept better. Even after a 2year follow up, researchers also found that the stimulus control subjects kept on using the treatment and had a good sleep habit and sleep quality. Therefore, the researchers concluded that behavioral treatments would be effective in improving sleep among older adults with insomnia. Other considerations of treatment such as drug treatment, physical exercise, sleep environment and diet. In drug treatment, drugs that enhance sensory flow and activation (antidepressants and Ritalin) are only good for short-term use ( Baekenland , 1970). Physical exercise can help to increase sensory flow and activation for the efficient onset and maintenance of sleep. A good sleep environment such as going to bed with the television, radio, fan or light is often helpful because it can enhance sensory flow and accompany anxiety that comes with lack of sleep. In diet, a high protein (fat) low carbohydrate diet would benefit sleep because it helps to keep blood sugar falling to the low levels that trigger adrenegic alerting reactions. It also increases NE, an excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain and depresses brain seratonin an inhibitory neurotransmitter ( Schildkruat, 1967). How to cite The Factors Affecting Insomia, Essay examples

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Law Essays - The Law Of Life, Embers, Death, Moose, Gray Wolf

Law Of Life By Koshoosh Death is an end result of any living creature in Nature. As an intelligent species it is sometimes difficult, especially when personally facing death, to accept this brutal reality. Koshoosh, in "The Law of Life" written by Jack London, experiences the intelligible acceptance of the "law of...flesh"(890). He is found being left alone by his tribe "in the snow, with a little pile of wood."(891) When he starts his reflective meditation on people and events he has observed throughout his life, he tries to understand the reason for his death. Although the body may be old and unable to defend itself physically, there is a conscious desire to live on. Therefore an individuals acceptance of death does not illustrate their surrender to it. Koshoosh is almost admirable in facing death. His "barbaric mind was capable of "(891) understanding his brutal environment because he too left his father at one time. This made him no better than anyone else in the tribe. Koskoosh once was the leader of his tribe, he did "great deeds and made his name a curse in the mouths of the Pellys"(893). He has become a serene and wise old man through his experiences and knowledge. On an intellectual level Koskoosh accepts death but as a human he still has a strong will to survive. Koskoosh is faced with many forces, externally and internally, that are working to bring his life to an end. Externally, one of the most apparent is the cold of the winter wind and the snow. He uses the fire in front of him for warmth and the "shelter of his mangy furs"(889) to protect him from the elements. He also has a limited supply of wood, and he thinks, "measure of his life was a handful of faggots."(890) When they were finished then frost would take over. That is if "the glowing eyes, the lolling tongues, the slavering fangs'"(893) of the wolves didn't get him first. Koshoosh is also faced with internal forces, which is the acceptance and understanding of his death, in the way of nature. Koskoosh feels "forlorn and helpless"(889) in his internal struggle to survive against what he understands to be "the way of life."(890) Koskoosh begins the first of many reflections in his struggle to understand his fight for life. He is listening to his granddaughter give commands to break camp. He longs for her to at least say goodbye, but knows that "the duties of life, not death"(889) call to her. Koskoosh understands that if she slows down to visit with him it will jeopardize the health of the tribe, because they must follow the caribou. Koskoosh can also hear the cries of little Koo-tee who in his mind is a "fretful child, and not overstrong."(890) He feels as though the child would die soon, again he is internally enforcing to himself that death will come to everyone. In the dialogue between Koskoosh and his son, he expresses his acceptance of death and begins to reassure his son as well as himself that there will not be a great struggle for life. Through a comparison of his life to that of "last years leaf, clinging lightly to the stem."(890), just a breath will knock it off "and I fall."(890) Koskoosh is also affirming to himself that "All men must die."(890) and that the practice of leaving the old and sick behind "was the way of life, and it was just."(890) In hearing his fathers' acceptance Koskoosh's son leaves. Although Koskoosh makes this statement, he still tries to answer to himself his role in nature. He then begins to describe natures lack of "concern for that concrete thing called the individual"(891). In that nature's interest lies in the species not the individuals struggle for life. Koskoosh relates structures such as the "bursting greenness of the willow"(891) but then in the fall the yellowing of the leaves. He thinks of how the "mosquitoes vanished with the first frost."(891) When rabbits and squirrels get to old to carry on they either die or get caught by their enemies. He thinks of how he's "been left, in the snow, with a little pile of wood"( 891). He is feeling some self-pity because he knows this is the end for him but his desire to survive is strong and he places another "stick carefully upon the fire"(891) he must keep warm to herd off death a little while longer. Koskoosh continues in his meditations and reflections in search for the truth in his question of surrendering to