Sunday, February 16, 2020

Journal Entry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Journal Entry - Essay Example These and many other issues have made it necessary that all stakeholders in the nursing fraternity should seek to be active when it comes to developing health regulations and policies. This is contrary to the existing scenario in which government policy makers and not healthcare professionals are developing them. With the increasing complex landscape of patient care, it is the role of the nurses and nurse leaders to devise measures of providing the required care. This is because nurses are the healthcare professionals who execute all the roles required to foster faster and better recovery of patients. Additionally, they spend the most time beside patients’ beds. One of the major ways of addressing this is by implementing the all-round foci as taught in nursing school that range from preventive care, patient communication, improving efficiency, cost containment, and more importantly preventing relapse and costly returns to healthcare institutions by the patients. In a nutshell, the nurse can only be able to implement such if they become active in developing health policies and regulations since they understand the patients’ needs and welfare than do the federal and state bodies. The landscape of patient care is expanding and varying rapidly, and efficient strategies such those m entioned can only be identified and customized for the good of patients if healthcare professionals are allowed the necessary support and freedom. Nurses should take up the challenge of being politically active because it is a sacrifice required to bring a better healthcare system into existence. Political skills are required in addition to energy, time, will, and resources of power. One way to become politically active is by providing first-person perspectives on matters healthcare by highlighting the impacts that certain regulations, bills, or decisions are bound to affect the healthcare fraternity. This includes patients and

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